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Thursday, September 02, 2010


US Forest Service's San Dimas Technology Development Center conducted tests in Southern California on new RFID sensors designed to report on temperatures in excess of 170°, which would indicate a forest fire in the area (1). One firefighter was injured battling a 85-acre wildfire in Riverside County yesterday (2); a wildfire which scorched parts of the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve (3). The fire danger in the Cleveland National Forest will increase tomorrow morning, according to officials (4); while a new study from the National University System Institute for Policy Research shows that San Diego County spends considerably less on fire protection than Orange or Los Angeles Counties, which are similar in population and topography (5). Two lightning-sparked wildfires burning in the High Sierras have scorched several thousand acres (6); but a 30-acre wildfire elsewhere in Central California has been contained (7). In a sign that things are cooling down in Oregon, the Coos Bay Protective Association has eased fire restrictions (8); as has the Umatilla National Forest (9); but firefighters struggling to contain a 3,500 acre wildfire burning near Sisters are concerned about increasing temperatures later this week (10). A small wildfire was reported near Spokane, Washington (11); while a woman whose burn barrel caused a wildland fire has been fined $6,500 (12). A $3.85 million grant from the National Science Foundation will help researchers at the University of Colorado study the effects of climate change and wildfires on forests in the US, Australia, and New Zealand (13). An Op-Ed piece from Montana explores the perceived double standard of human-caused versus naturally-occurring wildfires (14); while a wildfire that burned 2,000 acres and has cost $1.3 million to suppress has finally been contained near Helena (15). A wildfire that has been burning in Missouri's Mark Twain National Forest has been contained after burning about 80 acres (16); but a 255-acre wildfire is currently burning in Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains National Park (17). Firefighters in Pennsylvania reported some wildfire activity, as the next two articles show (18)(19). Firefighters in New Jersey managed to corral a small 10-acre wildfire (20); but a complete ban on outside burning has been imposed in New Brunswick, Canada (21). Wildfires continue to burn in Portugal (22); while Spanish wildfires are the focus of the next article (23). A retrospective on the Russian wildfire disaster and how it came about is up next (24); but just as people were beginning to breathe easier, a new batch of fires has broken out in the Volgograd Region (25); which may be good news for Prime Minister Putin, whose popularity was apparently strengthened by his performance in the last batch (26). With the largest fuel buildup in a decade in some parts of New South Wales, Australia, fire authorities are preparing for a busy bushfire season (27). And finally, some golfers in Irvine, California, probably wish they'd packed a fire extinguisher with the nine iron!

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