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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


In wildfire news, CAL FIRE pounced on a wildfire burning near a Southern California freeway yesterday; as well as nearly containing a suspicious wildfire that burned over 100 acres in Central California; while another wildfire in that region topped 1,300 acres. Expect rates for Pacific Gas & Electric customers to go up after PG&E pays out $15 million to US Forest Service for costs related to fighting a 12,000 acre wildfire in 1999 that was caused by PG&E equipment. The trucker involved in an accident that caused a wildfire in Oregon yesterday is facing criminal charges; and a wildfire burning elsewhere in that state neared 400 acres. Lightning has caused some new blazes in Washington state, as the next two articles show, and an impending heat wave for today could spell trouble for Western Washington, as well. A look at Nevada wildfires is up next; followed by an article about a wildfire in Colorado that pulled 140 firefighters, Hot Shot teams, and air-tankers into a fight. The wildfire situation in Utah and Idaho is provided by the next two items. The bill for wildfire assistance in parts of Oklahoma hit by wildfires earlier this year is nearing $3 million. Firefighters had two wildfires to deal with in South Dakota's Black Hills National Forest; while North Carolina firefighters are waiting expectantly for rain to help douse a wildfire in Croatan National Forest. A look at wildfires in British Columbia is provided by the next article; and in an example of cause-and-effect, as wildfires continue to char timber stands in British Columbia, timber futures worldwide are going up. Canadians were treated to a demonstration by the 747 Supertanker at Edmonton International Airport in Alberta province yesterday. The first civilian death reported in wildfires burning in the Mediterranean occurred in Spain; and a bulldozer operator also lost his life fighting the fires. Melbourne has earned the dubious distinction of Australia's driest capital city, something that bodes ill when Victoria's bushfire season begins again later this year; something which no doubt led to the decision to begin a trial of Firewatch sensors in that state, considering their impressive record of reducing bushfires by 90% in Germany. Communications problems, the bane of Country Fire Authority in the Black Saturday bushfires, may still be an issue in the next bushfire season in Victoria; while millions of dollars are being spent on counselors and psychologists to help bushfire survivors in that state. A debate over the true number of reserve firefighters available in New South Wales this year is being debated by opposing politicians; but they may all be needed soon, as firefighters fighting a bushfire that has burned over 1,500 acres in NSW are hearing about a change for the worst in the weather. And finally, a Prince Edward Island community will finally be allowing firefighters to use the fire hydrants in town (say what?!?)

Brush fire shuts down eastbound Highway 60

Large grass fire in Gilroy almost contained

Knight Fires Grows To Over 1,300 Acres

Calif utility pays nearly $15 million in wildfire

Truck driver faces criminal charges after fatal wreck that sparked forest fire

UPDATE: Wildfire east of Glide now 390 acres

Lightning sparks new fires

Wildfire in Central Wash. Forces Evacuations

Thunderstorms could bring wildland fires

Spring Creek Fire now at 250 acres

20 fires burn around Southern Utah

Forest Fire News

Oklahoma wildfire assistance now exceeds $2.9 million

Crews respond to 2 small forest fires

Firefighters waiting on rain

Fire fight at Wolf River

Forest fire threat hikes lumber price

World’s largest firefighting machine in Edmonton

Man dies in wildfire in Spain: authorities

Spanish wildfires claim two lives

Melbourne the nations driest capital

Push for digital fire spotter trials

Black Saturday bushfires could hit again, John Brumby admits

Bushfire appeal funds to go to increased counselling for victims

NSW rural fire service under resourced

Hope for early end to bushfire

Cornwall hydrants made available for firefighting

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