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Friday, December 12, 2008


Although wildfire news is dwindling as cold weather settles in across the US, there are still a few stories to relate, leading off today with one about the home of Tanker 910, followed by an Op-Ed about the impact of federal budget cuts on emergency response across the country. The next article provides some pointers on the benefits of controlled burns, the one following discusses how Utah is considering a salvage logging project. After a lookout tower in Kentucky was destroyed by arson, USFS has put up a small reward to catch the arsonist. An article details how Arizona fire managers are planning a decade-long thinning project to reduce fire danger, but Florida firefighters feel that the precipitation to date has been insufficient to reduce fire danger there. The Sage grouse population still seems robust, despite devastating wildfires in their traditional habitat, something which dovetails in with the last article about how climate changes is altering USFS policies in Montana, something that could spread nationwide.

Southern California Logistics Airport: A brief history

Federal Cuts Put State Disaster Readiness at Risk

Prescribed burning workshop will help accomplish objectives

Dixie forest proposes salvage logging project

U.S. Forest offers $2,500 reward

Forest Service considering plan to thin up to 1 million acres of ponderosa pines in northern Arizona

Wildfire officials shrug as storm does little for drought

Interior official: Sage grouse may avoid endangered species listing

Forest Service peers into future with climate change

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