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Monday, January 26, 2009

NEWS OF THE DAY - 012609

Up first in wildfire news today, the Executive Director of the planning board responsible for, among other things, fire protection in Lake Tahoe has resigned, due in part to blame for preparations (or lack thereof) ahead of the Angora Fire, while scrutiny of fire agency practices during the East Slide Rock Ridge Fire last year is underway in Nevada. Wildfires continue to rage in Texas, one Lubbock family recounting their losses in one fire, and in Montana, a debate is raging over the mapping of WUI areas and the impact on real-estate development. Some parts of China are experiencing a drought, a factor in heightened fire danger there, while an Op-Ed from Ghana, Africa, discusses the need for better control of bushfires in their region. A deadly windstorm in Spain wreaked havoc this weekend, sparking nearly 500 fires and forcing the evacuation of 14,000 people. Heading to Australia next, Greek firefighters are learning proven tactics from veteran South Australian firefighters, and the government's responsibility in preparation for bushfires is pointed out in the Op-Ed that follows. The government is mulling over financial compensation for bushfire damage inflicted on farmers, while firefighters battle a bushfire in New South Wales that has moved into difficult terrain. Other blazes are keeping NSW firefighters busy: one that is racing across Illawarra Island; and some others in national parks around the region. Victoria state fire authorities are bracing for more bushfires as temperatures soar in that state, as well. And in New Zealand, firefighters had to deal with an unusual emergency - a grass fire sparked by a glider crash!

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