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Monday, March 29, 2010


In our first wildfire story today, investigators found that a blaze in Ventura County last September that burned 17,500 acres was the result of spontaneous combustion in a mulch pile! (1) An update on a pair of wildfires that burned over the weekend in New Mexico (2); is followed by a statement by the governor declaring this Wildfire Awareness Week (3); despite the fact that the state is actually experiencing a mild fire season, with just a fraction of the wildfires recorded by this time last year (4). The Fire Management Officer on Montana's Kootenai National Forest feels that the reduced precipitation this past winter could lead to an active fire season (5); while a wildfire sparked by a truck's exhaust system blazed across 1,200 acres of grassland in Quay County, Texas (6). Another bulletin about the high fire danger in Wisconsin has been issued by the Department of Natural Resources (7); and neighboring Minnesota has imposed burn restrictions in 25 counties, with another 21 to follow on April 5th (8). A very short article from Pennsylvania provides some numbers on the number of wildfires seen in that state each year, along with the percentage caused by people (9); and as that state's fire season gets underway, an AT-802 air-tanker stands ready to battle any blazes (10). Helicopters will drop incendiaries to burn about 3,000 acres in Tennessee and Kentucky's 'Land Between the Lakes' National Recreation Area (11); but none were needed in North Carolina, where a wildfire scorched 167 acres over the weekend (12). A small wildfire in Horry County, South Carolina (scene of a massive wildfire last year), was quickly squelched by firefighters (13); but the Georgia Forestry Commission is warning residents of that state that it is prime wildfire season right now (14). Even though the Canadian province of Alberta received some snowfall last week, their wildfire season, which begins this week, is expected to be brisk due to a general lack of winter moisture (15); and a wildfire amid tea plantations in the former Soviet republic of Georgia burned over 200 acres this past weekend (16). Bowing to the inevitability of wildfires in the Philippines, the province of Agusan del Sur is establishing a wildland firefighting brigade (17); and the Pasonanca Natural Park, on Mindanao's Zamboanga del Sur, was the site of a wildfire training class (18). Heading Down Under, a wildfire was reported in West Auckland, New Zealand (19); while Royal Australian Air Force pilots with experience piloting Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) will be an important asset in piloting UAVs mapping bushfires in the future (20). An overhaul in Country Fire Authority's fire management practices, such as having experienced controllers in place early on Red Flag days, is being counseled by the Royal Bushfire Commission's legal team (21). Tourism advocates once again rapped fire agencies for bushfire warning signs that they feel discouraged tourists from traveling into the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria (22); but now that bushfire season is waning, fire crews are lighting a few of their own! (23) And finally, as if Florida firefighters didn't have enough trouble corralling a structure fire, they also had to sidestep a covey of cobras!

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