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Monday, February 09, 2009


An early report from the deadly bushfires in Australia leads off the wildfire news today, but worse was to come, and harrowing tales of narrow escapes are provided in the next two articles. Regularly updated maps of the areas impacted by bushfires is being provided by Google, as a massive manhunt to find the arsonists responsible for setting deadly blazes in Australia begins in light of the Prime Minister confirming that murder charges will apply to any arsonists apprehended by authorities. The death toll continues to mount in Victoria as public safety folks make their way across the charred landscape, and a discussion on the merits of 'stay and defend' appears in the next two articles. The role of the Eucalyptus trees that canvas Australia is being examined in the wake of the deadly bushfires there as the next two articles demonstrate, and as if Australians don't have enough problems with home-grown arsonists, Islamic militants are advocating setting more wildfires in the region. Tasmania has dispatched a convoy of firefighting equipment with seasoned firefighters to assist Victoria state, and New Zealand has a task force of firefighters prepared to weigh in, but there are serious concerns for the bushfire danger in their own country that may reduce the response. Scientists argue that climate change is fuelling bushfires, and an article confirms that bushfires are a way of life that homeowners in Australia need to adjust their lives around. Insurers are tallying up the losses and wondering how they will cover them, and as the cost is counted, warnings about more to come are being circulated. Moving back stateside, residents of San Bernardino, California, are procuring their own firefighting equipment as part of their 'stay and defend' policy, while firefighters in South Carolina were kept busy with a quintet of wildfires.

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