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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


In an attempt to close a nearly $500 million budget gap, Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa will be eliminating several dozen firefighter positions, this coming just as fire season is about to begin (1); while Riverside County indicated that they may start their own fire department if CAL FIRE doesn't reduce contract costs (2). Santa Barbara County Fire Department will be hosting a wildfire preparedness event this coming Saturday for local homeowners (3); and Lake County will be débuting their first Wildfire Safety Expo this year at the beginning of May (4). As wildfire season approaches for Washington State, the next article takes a look at the danger zones (5); one of which, Spokane, has already had a wildfire (6). The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension's Living with Fire program will be the centerpiece of the Nevada Fire Safe Council's observation of Wildfire Awareness Week beginning May 1 (7); while the New Mexican town of Ruidoso will be up to wildfire compliance in the near future after the removal of vegetation threatening residential areas around the community (8). Controlled burns will be utilized to reduce the wildfire threat in Utah's Uinta National Forest (9); and the Wyoming Air National Guard, which flies C-130 aircraft equipped with MAFFS units, will begin training operations in South Carolina for the wildfire season (10). Firefighters in Michigan have their work cut out for them trying to get people to stop burning debris during Wildfire Prevention Week (11); but firefighters from both Michigan and Illinois have been dispatched to help Minnesota with wildfires that seem to be increasing in number and severity (12). With a projected $5 million shortfall in their budget, the Alabama Forestry Commission could have a tough wildfire season ahead (13); while metal cutters using a saw sparked a wildfire in West Virginia that blazed across 30 acres of land (14). A wildfire in North Carolina's Croatan National Forest has finally been contained (15). British Columbia's Kamloops Fire Centre had to dispatch Canadian air tankers for the first time this fire season (16). Provincial authorities in Alberta had to call in water bombers to help battle one blaze (17); where even some of the citizens became involved in the firefight (18). Bombardier finally revealed the mysterious customer who bought $126 million worth of aircraft from them a few months ago: Manitoba (19); although they could probably use them all right now, as that province is battling a number of blazes already (20). Reports of the fire situation out of Thunder Bay, Ontario, paint a grim picture for what's ahead for that province in regards to wildfire season (21). Firefighters in the UK battled blazes for several hours overnight (22); and India's parliament is having to foot the bill for damage done by natural disasters, including forest fires (23). Heading Down Under, Victoria's Country Fire Authority was questioned over their advice to residents of areas hardest hit by the Black Saturday bushfires (24); followed by more tales of life and death on Black Saturday that were aired at the Royal Bushfire Commission hearings (25). A bushfire in Western Australia snarled up freeway traffic for a while (26). And finally, firefighters in Central California came to the rescue of a mother duck whose chicks had fallen into a storm drain and helped to get the flock out of there!

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