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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The news starts off today with two items from San Diego: the first article highlights the PUC's dilemma vis-a-vis SDG&E's declaration that they will shut off power to backcountry communities during high winds; the second discusses a charity event for those who were burned out by wildfires last year. A San Diego vendor announced its firefighting pump products today (in light of the SDG&E announcement, let's hope the pumps are not electrically powered!) A reminder out of Bakersfield on remaining vigilant about wildfires in the fall, and a bit further north, a jury convicted a volunteer firefighter of starting blazes he later fought. A story by Bettina Boxall of the LA Times discussed an article in the journal Ecosystems on worsening fires in the Sierras, and was itself discussed in the Bay Area, as the next item shows. In the midst of all the criticism about USFS policies, they are now tackling the difficult issue of how to respond to wildfires worsened by climate change and beetle infestations, while trying to increase CO2 absorption of our forests. Mop-up and investigation of the New Jersey Pinelands fire is continuing, while the cause of a small wildfire outside of Reno was ruled accidental. A small blaze in South Dakota's Black Hills was quickly corralled, and another in the Gallatin NF in Montana was also tackled. A wildfire on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro that threatened a mountaineers' camp was dealt with by both human intervention and rain. And finally, a cautionary tale for anyone on a medical call to protect themselves as we head into the flu season.

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