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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Nine wildland firefighters died in the line of duty in 2010, according to the latest statistics released by USFA (1); but due to the level of damage caused by a wildfire that burned in the Yakima Indian Reservation February 12, the governor of Washington state has requested federal aid by declaring that a disaster area (2). In the aftermath of a wildfire that charred 2.5 mi.² last week, Douglas County, Colorado, has approved fire restrictions to reduce the danger of a future conflagration (3); current conditions prompting fire officials at Schriever Air Force Base to alert airmen to the wildfire danger (4); while a forester provided helpful tips on creating defensible space around property (5); even as the governor heard Summit County's plans to mitigate wildfires (6); nevertheless, authorities in El Paso County begged off imposing a fire ban of their own (7). A summary of wildfires that have burned in Texas recently is provided by the next item (8); where 180 of 254 counties are under a burn ban and wildfire conditions could become critical by the end of this week (9). A Texas Forest Service Fire Behavior Analyst was honored for his work in dealing with wildfires across that state at Texas A&M (10); while the next article takes a look at Montana's National Museum of Forest Service History project, which received a $50,000 donation to help fund construction of the museum (11). Leelanau County, Michigan, is considering wildfire suppression plans as the fire season approaches (12); but with 70% to 80% of all wildfires started in Kentucky by arsonists, one who was apprehended setting blazes in the Daniel Boone National Forest may draw federal charges (13). A wildfire that burned 10 acres in Pennsylvania's Clearfield County yesterday emphasized the forest fire danger in that state (14); a small wildfire was quickly squelched by firefighters in Holliston, Massachusetts, yesterday (15); and fire authorities in Connecticut are advising homeowners to avoid debris burns as the wildfire danger is high (16). The next article takes a look at Rochester Institute of Technology's Wildfire Aerial Surveillance Program in New York State (17); and after burning 9,566 acres, a wildfire on the Camp Lejeune Marine Base in North Carolina has finally been fully contained (18). A summary of wildfire activity in Georgia is provided by the next article, which indicates that some arsonists were also apprehended (19); NASA providing a Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) photo from space of the Georgia wildfires at their height (20); but with the weather finally cooperating, Georgia Forestry Commission firefighters were getting the upper hand in battling wildfires that have already burned 38,700 acres (21). A small wildfire was quickly dealt with by firefighters in Lake Easy, Florida (22); where, following several arson wildfires, officials have set out to warn the residents of Brevard County to be on the lookout for firebugs (23). Firefighters battling a lava-sparked wildfire in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park now have the 2,000-acre blaze 80% contained after some timely rainfall (24). As a wildfire in Mexico's Coahuila State approached 35,000 acres, hundreds of firefighters were on the firelines (25); and an out-of-control wildfire burned 65 acres of farmland on the Caribbean island of St. John (26). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Chuck Bushey, President of the International Association of Wildland Fire, sent along an article that shines a spotlight on Italy's efforts to control wildfires in that Mediterranean nation (27). The Australian Prime Minister toured bushfire-hit areas outside of Perth, Western Australia, viewing the devastation there (28); even as residents of Padbury dodged their own bushfire danger (29). Firefighters in Salisbury, South Australia, applauded their new Bushfire Management Plan which calls for, among other things, metal fencing to reduce the bushfire danger to private property (30); while in New South Wales the Tamworth Rural Fire Service has extended burn bans as the bushfire threat continues (31). And finally, firefighters in the Central Asian nation of Azerbaijan made an explosive discovery while battling a wildfire!

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