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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Leading off the news today, Santa Ana winds are returning, lowering the humidity and raising the fire risk in Southern California. Residents of Orange County were given a reminder of what the winds have brought to their area in the form of an ash cloud, while metal thieves were caught ransacking an Orange County home that burned down. A small brushfire was reported in Ventura County, but Yosemite National Park still draws visitors even with a wildfire burning. A fire near Sequoia National Park is also being allowed to burn for now, as recounted by the next article, and one will be deliberately set in Colorado in the springtime to burn upwards of 6,000 acres. Foresters in Montana are worried about the fall in timber revenue due to the building slump nationwide, as told by a New York Times article, and a new land commissioner in Washington state wants firefighters to respond more quickly to wildfires in the future. Texas Forest Service firefighters had a busy day with a wind-driven wildfire. Barricade firefighting gel has been given an EPA award for being environmentally friendly. On the international scene, Costa Rica is relieved that their fire season was not as severe as last year's, and the Norwegian Forest Owners' Association has decided to turn a burn area into a nature preserve. A forest fire in China's Qinling Range is keeping forestry workers hopping, and Melbourne, Australia, police are on the lookout for an arsonist. And finally, a story about an innovative way to deal with an explosive problem.

Red Flag Warning in Effect for L.A. County

There's no smoke or fire in Orange County -- just dust

Copper thieves target wildfire-destroyed home

Firefighters battle brush fire in Ventura County

Fires don't deter tourists

Forest Service: Fire near Springville poses no threat to structures

Forest service decides to burn land at Pawnee

In New Era, Timber’s Struggles Stir Broad Concern and Support

New Wash. lands commissioner to update fire policy

Four departments battle 25-acre fire

Barricade Fire Gel Earns EPA 'Champion' Award

Forest Fires Cooled Off So Far This Year

A forest fire area will become a nature preservation area in Norway

Forest in NW China mountain catches fire

Hunt for firebug

Rangers to burn out bombs

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