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Saturday, May 16, 2009


In wildfire news, screen legend Kirk Douglas was among the 30,000 evacuated from Santa Barbara as the Jesusita Fire approached, revealed in our first story today; and US Forest Service has elevated the fire warning in Southern California's Angeles National Forest. Firefighters in San Diego County are prepping for what could be an active spring, as the next article tells. An Op-Ed piece from Oregon asks whether environmental activism, not logging interests, took the forests down the wrong road. Firefighters in New Mexico were dealing with several wildfires in the southern part of that state; but, in a situation that could have far-reaching consequences for future fire starters on Native American lands, a woman accused of starting a massive wildfire in Arizona in 2002 will have to face a tribal court. Gallatin National Forest in Montana is looking to light off a few fires this year and wants some feedback from residents about the plan. Almost four dozen small wildfires were sparked by wind-blown power lines in Maine. A formal presentation of the recent wildfires in South Carolina will be given in North Myrtle Beach this coming week; but although they're thankful for rain storms that are allowing them to get a handle on wildfires in Florida, firefighters are still warning homeowners to be careful. Firefighters in Newfoundland, with some assistance from CL-415 aircraft, have managed to snuff a blaze; while a pair of 12-year-olds in New Brunswick, Canada, had the presence of mind to call 911 after starting a wildfire. Corrupt officials in Borneo have encouraged land clearance, including forest fires, in exchange for political favors, further endangering the orangutan population and worsening climate change. Heading to Australia next, the Victorian Premier will unveil new temporary housing in a bushfire-ravaged community as the first hundred days of reconstruction come to an end; but 2,000 properties still remain to be cleared, as the next article shows. An Op-Ed piece asks whether South Australia's government has followed through on its promise to mitigate bushfires, in light of what happened next door in Victoria. The expensive proposal by Australian power companies to put some of their lines underground to reduce the bushfire threat is sparking some sharp discussions within governmental agencies. And finally, with their food supply burned up by the bushfires, hungry wildlife is heading into settlements and onto roads in Victoria, creating many dangerous situations, which keeps one wildlife shelter very busy caring for tiny orphans.

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