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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Scores of Southern Californian firefighters battled a blaze east of Temecula yesterday afternoon (1); while CAL FIRE firefighters roped in a small grass fire in San Benito County (2). Most of the roads around a 1,307-acre wildfire burning near Bullards Bar Reservoir have reopened (3); however, a house fire in Lassen County quickly became a vegetation fire that burned nearly 50 acres (4). A summary of wildfires burning across Oregon is up next (5); but despite a good downpour, the state has only gotten a little relief from the wildfires, at least one of which could burn until October (6). Although fires continue to burn in Idaho's Boise National Forest, a small army of firefighters is struggling to gain control of them (7); while the mixed blessing of rain across Montana, which is helping to dampen fires there, is examined in the next item (8); but it came too late for eight structures burned by a wildfire in the Helena National Forest (9). Fire crews are being released from a wildfire burning near Hamilton, Montana, as the fire moves away from town (10). Hawaii's ongoing drought is causing continued wildfire activity in that Pacific state (11); while Canadian firefighters returned to Saskatchewan from battling blazes in British Columbia (12). Numerous wildfires were reported in Portugal and Montenegro (13); a score of fires in Portugal threatening homes there (14); while thousands of acres of vegetation have been burned near Marseille in the south of France (15). The Silva Mediterranea newsletter discussed innovative strategies for fire prevention on the Greek island of Rhodes (16); but although Russia's wildfires did considerable damage to the ecology of that country, they may have also done some good from a political standpoint (17). Next, we wade into Australian politics, where squabbles over the Royal Bushfire Commission response by the Victorian government and Opposition groups is examined by the next article (18); but the response of bushfire-threatened communities to the government's adoption of many of the Commission's recommendations has drawn a positive response (19); however, the Victorian Premier has been branded a hypocrite for not implementing the property buyback plan (20); and politics were also involved in the impact of electoral boundary changes on high-risk bushfire areas (21). A sports stadium in Victoria's Macedon Ranges is being considered for a bushfire safer place (22); and a telecommunications "black hole" should soon be eliminated near Stanley (23); while a night-flying helicopter will be conducting incendiary runs on bush in inaccessible parts of that state to reduce the fire danger next year (24). As the inexorable march to bushfire season continues in New South Wales, tens of thousands of acres of vegetation are being burned off (25); but firefighters along Coffs Coast braced for bushfires as temperatures increased (26). And finally, firefighters in Australia had another emergency on which to use their firefighting foam: a swarm of bees!

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