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Monday, March 09, 2009


In wildfire news today, San Diego County is running several dozen goats through vegetation to try and reduce the fire hazard there; while a higher-tech means of sharing info on wildfires is provided in the following article. A group of Mexican firefighters is being trained in the finer points of wildland firefighting in Minnesota; while the Picacho Fire in New Mexico, an out-of-control control fire, has been about 90% contained. One firefighter was injured as Colorado firefighters extended containment lines around a wildfire there; and the rash of recent fires in that state may explain why USFS opened their air-attack base at Pueblo a month early (especially considering that the cost of each retardant drop is estimated at between $3,000 and $6,000). Texas volunteer fire departments are feeling the pinch from fighting several wildfires in their jurisdictions on limited funds; and three firefighters were hurt when their ATV toppled over while they were fighting a small wildfire in Maryland. Travelers on West Virginia's Route 60 were impacted by a wildfire over the weekend; but an article from Mississippi discusses the liability of homeowners starting fires in that state. Louisiana forest owners are contending with some sizeable forest fires on their land; and a couple of fires in Florida made for sleepless nights for residents. Heading to Latin America, the latest of 26 forest fires to hit Costa Rica since the first of the year burned near the border with Panama over the weekend. A trio of articles out of India highlight conditions in that region: a group of tourists were safely evacuated from an area threatened by a forest fire in India; the Indian government has spent a considerable sum on preparations to fight wildfires; and concerns about wildfires in Indian wildlife parks are voiced in the last article in the set. South Australia has created a task force to advise fire agencies on how to prevent bushfires such as the ones that just devastated Victoria. West Australian arson investigators have identified over 1,500 bushfires deliberately set since October 2008; while a teenager will be arraigned in court for intentionally setting a bushfire. Several bushfires that cropped up in Victoria kept the Rural Fire Service busy; just as towns in Victoria reopen to the general public; but the cost to homeowners rebuilding their homes in bushfire areas is going to go up significantly due to new fire codes.

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