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Monday, June 22, 2009


Attempting to head off any misconceptions about jurisdiction over the Martin Mars and the strategy behind it's use in California wildfires, fire officials weigh in on their plans for the massive air-tanker, in our first wildfire story today. Firefighters quickly dispatched two grass fires in Sacramento County, California, this morning. One Oregon firm is reaping a windfall in federal funds (and timber) by clearing firebreaks; while a wildfire that had been burning in nearby timber interrupted a family bar-b-que in North Dakota. Texas firefighting aircraft manufacturer Air Tractor is showcased in the next item. The mystery of a Michigan wildfire that burned in 2008 is explored; followed by a story about trouble in paradise as a wildfire burned about 80 acres in Maui, Hawaii, over the weekend. The continuing thaw in relations between environmentalists and forestry folks is updated by an Associated Press article. At a time when wildfires are the order of the day, British Columbia had to cashier 50 firefighters; followed by an apocalyptic vision of British Columbia at mid-century, as described by a paper from Simon Fraser University. A guide will have to pay thousands of dollars for an unsuccessfully-extinguished campfire he set in Ontario; followed by a quick look at Canadian wildfires, including nearly three dozen burning in Ontario province. Lebanese wildland firefighters lost several groves of olive trees to blazes over the weekend; but, in a bid to head off desertification of northern parts of the African nation of Ghana, government ministers are trying to control, among other things, wildfires. Smoke from Indonesian wildfires has once again caused disruptions of service at airports near the fires; while delay of the monsoon season leaves fires raging across India's provinces near the Himalayas. Continuing testimony is pointing to management deadlock and other problems hobbling the fire response from Country Fire Authority as the Black Saturday hearings continue in Melbourne, Australia. The black eye given to communications failures during the Black Saturday bushfires has drawn a rebuttal from Australian telecommunications company Telstra. On a more positive note, as rebuilding in bushfire burn areas of Victoria continue, aid to rural homesteads with fencing is being increased; but some are arguing that money earmarked for bushfire memorials could be better spent to reduce the need for future memorials. And finally, Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) trainers have a new scenario to provide to their trainees, compliments of New Zealand firefighters!

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