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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Our first wildfire article today takes a detailed look at wildfires and asks: are they getting worse in the US? Los Padres National Forest, in California, is getting some assistance with firefighting from local Indian tribes; even as the next two articles show that evacuees are returning home, and the wildfires are finally being brought under control. The Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds has been transformed into a firefighter base camp, with 2,100 personnel camped out there. Despite a budget which is billions in the red, California has set aside $519 million to help fight wildfires, $60 million of which has been expanded on recent wildfires in Northern and Central California; but another article points out that the resources available to fight wildfires in the state, like the DC-10 air-tanker's seasonal contract, have been cut out of the budget, a move which may prove penny-wise and pound-foolish by the end of the fire season. Fire crews in Nevada made quick work of a small wildfire near Mesquite, thanks in part to vegetation thinning done in the area previously; but a P-2V air-tanker was forced to drop its load on a road due to mechanical problems in Arizona; just as US Forest Service heavily reinforced firefighters battling a blaze near Flagstaff. A trio of wildfires is keeping Utah firefighters busy, but they're getting assistance both in the air and on the ground to battle fires in canyon areas, as the next two articles show. A Kentucky man who started a wildfire with a firecracker will pay a hefty price for his recklessness. A summary of wildfire activity in British Columbia, Canada, is provided by the next item; followed by a behind-the-scenes 'battle of the aerial fire-tracking cameras' that took place in British Columbia during the recent wildfires. Greece continues to be troubled by wildfires. Residents in bushfire-prone areas of Victoria, Australia, want a stronger statement from the Royal Bushfire Commission on controlled burns to clear out an abundance of vegetation; but it is unlikely they will get it, since the government has rejected a request for increased vegetation burn-off. Victoria's Country Fire Service has compiled a list of 52 towns which are in severe danger from bushfires; and with only 70 days to go before the official start of the bushfire season, fire authorities there are bracing for a very bad one. South Australia's fire officials are meeting to discuss the Royal Bushfire Commission's findings as they apply to fire safety there; as are fire officials in New South Wales; and Tasmania is revamping its 'stay or go' policy.

Are wildfires getting worse?

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