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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Congressional Fire Services Institute sent along a reminder that FEMA's SAFER (Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response) grant program is now open through February 24th, offering grants to fire departments across the US (1). Texas politicians participated in a barbecue in Washington DC intended to raise money to help families impacted by the Bastrop County wildfires (2); and the Episcopal Diocese of Texas is lending a hand as well (3). Citing what happened in Bastrop County, Texas, as a warning about the danger wildfires pose, legislators in Arkansas are considering restoring 20 jobs eliminated from the Arkansas Forestry Commission due to budget cuts (4). Southern West Virginia is at high risk from wildfires due to dry, windy conditions (5); and Virginia's governor is warning residents that the mild winter so far increases the fire danger as the official start of the wildfire season nears (6). Two wildfires were reported in Charleston County, South Carolina (7). Florida Forest Service officials are concerned that a deadly wildfire burning outside of Gainesville has drained firefighting resources from other parts of the state in danger from wildfires (8); such as a 30-acre blaze which is burning in Miami-Dade County where two firefighters were hospitalized due to smoke inhalation (9); a 25-acre blaze in St. Lucie County that threatened homes (10); yet another that scorched 16 acres in Daytona Beach (11); one in Putnam County which has burned between 300 and 350 acres (12); as well as a 15-acre blaze in Clay County which threatened homes (13). Israel's Fire and Rescue Commissioner stated that the country needed to do more to bring its firefighting services up to the level of those in European and North American countries (14). The topic of who bears responsibility for dealing with forest fires on leased land in India is up next (15); while a wildfire broke out near the Bear Rescue Center in Uttar Pradesh's Keitham Forest (16). The debate over cattle grazing at Victoria, Australia's, Alpine National Park escalated, with the Federal Environment Minister banning the practice, which has been endorsed by the state government (17); even as Country Fire Authority's Chief Officer accepted blame for a bushfire hotline being unmanned and giving out incorrect information during an incident over the weekend (18). Western Australia's Pastoralists and Graziers Association is pressing the Premier to declare a natural disaster for 8,500 square hectares of pasture land scorched by the Carnarvon bushfires (19). And finally, we have the story of a misguided Texas volunteer firefighter who decided to set wildfires to aid department fundraising!

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