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Monday, April 19, 2010


In a followup to a press release made by Rick Halsey, director of the California Chaparral Institute about a Marine veteran whose property in San Diego County was being auctioned off to pay wildfire vegetation clearance fines, has published an article about this bizarre case, our first wildfire story today (1); followed by one from Prescott, Arizona, where homeowners were treated to a Firewise Wildfire Expo over the weekend (2). The executive director of the Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Center in Montana unveiled Project Landview, a wildfire prediction tool he hopes to turn into something the Forest Service could use on a regular basis for wildfire fighting (3). Residents of Wisconsin remained on high fire alert (4); as a number of fires burned across the state over the weekend (5); and at least one small fire was started by hot lead! (6) Low humidity, high winds, and warm temperatures combined to spur on wildfires throughout Minnesota over the weekend (7) ; forcing the governor to bring in a pair of National Guard helicopters to assist (8). Controlled burns on thousands of acres of land in Kentucky are seen as the key to preventing destructive wildfires (9); but a resident of Dadeville, Alabama, has been accused of setting a series of wildfires, according to the Alabama Forestry Commission (10). Low humidity coupled with windy conditions have made for an active time for firefighters in western North Carolina (11). South Carolina State Forestry Commission reported two wildfires over the weekend, one of which was nearing 1500 acres (12); and two other small ones were reported in Horry County (13); but nothing like the fire that burned in that area last year (14). Residents of Georgia were warned that the wildfire danger remains high in that state as the new week begins (15). As forestry officials in British Columbia survey the upcoming wildfire season, they reflect on the cost of last year's wildfires (16); a wildfire was burning out of control near Whitecourt in Alberta over the weekend (17); prompting officials to evacuate patrons of a nearby casino (18); as that province contemplates a potential sixfold increase in wildfires this season (19). Arson investigators are delving into a rash of wildfires that have broken out in County Clare, Ireland (20). A narrow gauge railroad in India's Himalayas suffered delays due to a forest fire near the tracks (21); and as Malaysia's summer season begins, wildfire smoke fills the air (22). The Australian Prime Minister is still firmly backing embattled former Victoria Police Commissioner Christine Nixon (23); but minutes count, particularly in nipping bushfires in the bud, as the importance (and cost) of air attack on Black Saturday was emphasized at the Royal Bushfire Commission hearings (24). Victoria's oldest fire brigade is now the proud owner of its newest headquarters (25). And finally, what if they threw a wildfire workshop and nobody came?

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(26) Wildfire Workshop Backfires When No One Shows Up

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