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Monday, November 01, 2010


California has enjoyed an unusually mild wildfire season, although 62,049 acres have burned so far this year (1); and Nevada is having a range war, but it's not between cattle ranchers, it's with cheatgrass! (2) A small wildfire was extinguished in a field outside of Denver, Colorado, before it could threaten homes nearby (3); even as residents of Boulder returned from their evacuation and arson inspectors fanned out to determine the cause of the Boulder Dome Fire (4); something whose suppression costs, which are nearing the $500,000 mark, burned a huge hole in Boulder County's budget (5). Firefighters in Kentucky battled a blaze that has all the earmarks of an arson job (6); while firefighters in Virginia's George Washington National Forest fought fire with fire over the weekend (7); incendiary-dropping helicopters being pressed into service by US Forest Service to do the job (8). Dumped fireplace ashes are being blamed for a 1-acre wildfire that briefly threatened a home in North Carolina Sunday (9); while law enforcement officers in South Carolina investigated five wildfires deemed suspicious (10). A wildfire on Lookout Mountain, Georgia, was quickly contained by firefighters (11). Russia's Prime Minister is keeping a close eye on housing reconstruction in areas burned by last summer's wildfires (12). Residents of Dongara, Western Australia, received a bushfire warning as temperatures climbed (13); and firefighters in Beechina suppressed a bushfire that had threatened homes in the area (14); while a veterinarian provided some pointers on dealing with livestock injured in bushfires (15). As South Australia enters the bushfire season, six districts have imposed fire restrictions (16); and Country Fire Service has adjusted their bushfire warnings accordingly (17). Residents of one Otway shire complained that Victoria had yet to designate any bushfire refuges for their citizens (18); while fire authorities in New South Wales provide some useful tips for homeowners in the next article (19); where a solid fuel ban has been put in effect in some areas to reduce the bushfire danger (20). And finally, here's a unique use for controlled burns: transforming a forest to benefit woodpeckers!

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