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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


First up today, exciting news from Ty Bonnar of Flexible Alternatives that PCADS (Precision Container Aerial Delivery System) has been funded by Congress to begin testing just as the fall wildfire season gets underway in California, allowing unmodified military transports, for the first time, to be used to attack wildfires, providing a significant force multiplier in future wildfires (for more info, visit the PCADS website and you can read two articles I wrote about PCADS: PCADS Fights Fires and Military Technology Fighting Fires). With the combination of the MOU between San Diego and CalFire allowing night attack of wildfires, and PCADS finally being funded, wildfires may find themselves being carpet-bombed out of existence while still on state-owned land (especially with the presence of so many military transports in San Diego County). A few wildfires need some carpet-bombing in Colorado, Kentucky, and California, as the next four articles show. Two articles detail the financial crunch USFS finds itself facing right now, while Oregon, Arizona, and Arkansas start setting controlled burns to thin out vegetation. San Diego fire authorities are holding meetings over the next few days to discuss how to reduce fuel loads in that region, as well. Concerns about fire policy mismanagement have once again surfaced, as the next article shows. On the technology front, you've probably heard of 'Snakes On A Plane', but here's something new: snakes on a fire! And finally, double check with your dispatcher before sizing up your next call - it may save you from underestimating the challenge you're facing!

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