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Thursday, July 08, 2010


First up in wildfire news today, residents of the San Diego, California, suburb of La Jolla are being warned to make preparations for the wildfire season (1); while the fire danger posed by thunderstorms to the Eldorado National Forest in the Sierra Nevadas is underscored by the next item (2). A 30-acre wildfire burned through some state park land in Oregon (3); and arson inspectors are sifting through the debris of a wildfire near Eagle Point to determine the cause of the largest wildfire so far this year in that state (4). Fire officials in Washington state believe embers from a debris pile may have caused a small wildfire in the central part of the state (5). A wildfire in Moapa, Nevada, has been contained after destroying nearly 2 dozen structures (6); while the final phases of suppression efforts of the Schultz Fire, which burned about 15,000 acres in Arizona's Coconino National Forest, have begun (7). A wildfire was reported in Albuquerque, New Mexico, yesterday (8). As US Forest Service continues investigating the crash of a P-2V air-tanker in Colorado last month, the next article takes a look at Neptune Aviation's remaining planes and the issue of how USFS is going to replace the aging fleet of heavy air tankers (9). Colorado's White River National Forest will be thinning trees on nearly 2,000 acres of land to reduce the fire danger (10); but extremely dry conditions in eastern Tennessee have prompted wildfire warnings from fire officials (11). The largest wildfire to be seen in Holden, Massachusetts, in 35 years was finally being roped in by firefighters (12); and fire agencies in Massachusetts continue to warn residents about the danger from wildfires as a heat wave continues (13); while firefighters in Suffolk County, New York, battled a wildfire in sweltering heat (14). National Weather Service issued Red Flag warnings for much of New Jersey (15); even as firefighters battle several small blazes across that state (16); prompting fire officials to remind citizens to remain vigilant for new wildfires (17). Virginia's governor issued a wildfire warning due to the extreme heat and dry conditions in that state (18); while a 120-acre wildfire that's been burning for two weeks in Horry County, South Carolina, has finally been contained (19). In a follow-on to yesterday's article about Sebring, Florida, adopting a Community Wildfire Protection Plan, some pointers for homeowners are provided (20). Canadian air-tankers attended a wildfire burning in northwest British Columbia (21); and $10 million in relief funds will be provided by the provincial government to help a community hard-hit by wildfires in Alberta province (22). Although lightning sparked three new wildfires in Manitoba yesterday, rain has reduced the fire threat significantly (23); while a small wildfire was reported in Sudbury, Ontario (24). A nature preserve on the border between the South American nations of Bolivia and Paraguay is being threatened by a major wildfire (25). A wildfire on a large estate in Scotland drew the attention of numerous firefighters (26); and residents of Inverness were issued a warning about a nearby wildfire as well (27). Uncertain of the findings by Australia's Royal Bushfire Commission due out the end of this month, Christine Nixon, head of bushfire recovery in Victoria, is considering her options, including retirement (28); but many were just hoping for some closure (29). Fire officials in Queensland rolled out their bushfire preparedness plan, dubbed 'Prepare.Act.Survive' (30). And finally, FedEx made the unscheduled delivery of a wildfire in Pennsylvania!

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