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Monday, November 09, 2009


As Wildfire News Of The Day returns, we lead off with a story about a resurrection: rising from the ashes of the 2007 Southern California wildfires that destroyed it, Malibu Presbyterian Church has finally been rebuilt. Budget cuts have snuffed out a hand crew from Orange County that was credited with yeoman work on the Freeway Complex last year, along with other fires in that region. Aviators from San Diego Fire-Rescue Department put their night flying skills to use in battling a blaze in Dell Cerro Saturday night, using night vision goggles to pilot their gel-dropping helicopters over the fire; while a fire consultant from San Diego discusses options for residents of that region during the remainder of the wildfire season. A 100-acre wildfire near Santa Maria was blamed on faulty power lines; followed by an article that provides some details on the continued push to thin vegetation in parts of California as advocated by the California Catastrophic Wildfire Prevention and Community Protection Act. Firefighters in Iowa had a small ravine wildfire to deal with; while unseasonably warm weather in Pennsylvania led to some small wildfires over the weekend. Tennessee fire officials have announced that their wildfire season has officially begun; something which is underscored by the following article from nearby Virginia; and echoed by another article from West Virginia. Firefighters in Florida had a daunting task putting out a wildfire by a phosphate pit over the weekend. A community in British Columbia will be receiving a substantial grant from the Canadian government to help with wildfire mitigation in their area. As southern China suffers through a drought, fire officials are warning everyone in the region about fire prevention. It appears that the DC-10 may be heading Down Under in the near future, as Victoria's government considers leasing the mammoth firefighting aircraft to fight bushfires; with testing to began in January amid concerns about where the aircraft would be based due to the need for a long runway; even as Opposition politicians and firefighter unions blast the government for not having availed themselves of such an aircraft prior to the Black Saturday bushfires. Despite official optimism, many commentators consider that it will be years before areas devastated by the Black Saturday bushfires are rebuilt; even as fire agencies in Victoria are bracing for an active bushfire season as one in Gippsland that ignited last week continues to burn; and probably will do so for a couple more days. The University of Melbourne has uncovered some revealing items from Victoria's past bushfires to compare with information on the Black Saturday bushfires. Harkening back to a devastating fire season over 30 years ago, authorities in Tasmania fear a repeat of the Black Tuesday bushfires; and as part of those preparations, bushfire refuges are being identified. Country Fire Service leadership is warning residents of South Australia that it's only a matter of time before that state has a massive bushfire and that they have to do their part to prepare. And finally, British firefighters added a new chapter to their Urban Search and Rescue book by retrieving a wayward duck trapped in a pipe for six hours!

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