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Monday, October 03, 2011


A 2,000-acre wildfire burning near the Southern California community of Julian in San Diego County is now 40% contained (1); the next article exploring the situation in that county four years after the devastating wildfires of 2007 (2); while a CAL FIRE battalion chief reflects on the impact a series of cold fronts moving into Northern California could have on the wildfire situation there (3). Eastern Oregon was pummeled by lightning which sparked numerous wildfires over the weekend (4); but firefighters feel they've dodged a bullet for another year in the "Red Zone", a 300,000-acre section of beetle-killed pines in the Fremont-Winema National Forest (5). A baker's dozen of wildfires continue to burn in Northern Nevada between Carson City and the Utah state line (6); Lyon County declaring a state of emergency as one of those blazes burned over 2 sq. miles (7). An Op-Ed piece from a Regional Forester in the USFS’s Southwestern Region discusses fire management in New Mexico's Lincoln National Forest (8); while Bureau of Land Management firefighters dealt with three lightning-sparked wildfires burning in Elmore County, Idaho (9). Wildfires across Texas have led to 22 county disaster declarations and required wildfire aid support to the tune of $8.6 million (10); even as a hearing before Austin's Public Safety Commission will discuss the wildfire danger posed by trees too close to power lines (11); but as the wildfire danger continues in much of that state, a fleet of air-tankers that includes the DC-10 and National Guard C-130s stands ready at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (12); the fire danger underscored by a 10-acre wildfire that was reported in Daingerfield State Park over the weekend (13). A 200-acre wildfire was burning north of Rawlins, Wyoming (14); while the Rapid City Fire Department mounted a campaign to prepare that South Dakota community for wildfires of the future (15). The next article takes a look at a "spike camp" supporting firefighters battling Minnesota's massive 93,459-acre burning in the Superior National Forest (16); costing $14.2 million to fight so far (17); while Connecticut firefighters returned home from battling that wildfire (18). After suffering through the worst wildfire season in over a decade, a wildfire mitigation specialist from Florida Forest Service discussed her favorite topic (19). Russian firefighters snuffed 8 wildfires that had been burning in the Amur Region of Siberia (20). The long ordeal of Australian bushfire survivors in St. Andrews, Victoria, is told by the next article (21); but inconsistent bushfire danger mapping by various state government agencies is causing confusion in numerous communities (22). After a busy weekend in which Queensland Fire and Rescue Service firefighters fought 424 bushfires, another 40 are still blazing, helped along by strong winds (23); producing the worst bushfires seen in Gladstone in years (24); and forcing evacuations on Fraser Island (25); that blaze believed to have been started by a Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service controlled burn that breached containment (26); and, needless to say, current bushfire conditions have caused officials to impose a total burn ban (27). The New South Wales Environment Minister announced a new $62.5 million bushfire package which beefs up firefighting assets while conducting controlled burns in the state's national parks and reserves to reduce the bushfire danger (28); but with the onset of bushfire season, fire permits are needed by homeowners in that state (29); nevertheless, some folks still managed to get in some ski time! (30) Although there are still over two dozen wildfires burning in Central Australia, rains have diminished them somewhat (31). Vivid memories of the bushfires that tore through Kelmscott and Roleystone, Western Australia, in February prompted large turnouts at Bushfire Ready meetings (32); while a bushfire forced evacuations of Purnululu National Park (33); but a runner who was injured escaping from a bushfire near Kimberley questioned the reliability of communications during the race (34). Pressure is increasing on South Australia's government to create a parliamentary committee to investigate bushfire risks (35). And finally, amid all the sorrow and loss of the wildfires that ravaged Bastrop County, Texas, one man found a little bit of joy: his father's Texas A&M ring!

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