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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, Santa Barbara homeowners are getting an education on wildfires, while legislators in Oregon have extended health benefits for firefighters by adding cancer to their coverage. A forest fire broke out in Florida, as did some small brush fires in Virginia. In Indonesia, firefighters had their hands full with a forest fire. Heading to Australia, the tragedy continues to unfold as the first two stories recount efforts by forensic experts to identify the remains of victims, followed by a warning about fundraising scams to be wary about. A major gas processing facility is being threatened by bushfires, and, in a scenario familiar to anyone who has lost their home to a wildfire, people are having trouble getting assistance if their ID was lost in the fires. A hazard for firefighters from an unexpected quarter: asbestos in old buildings damaged by the bushfires, while an architect is advocating building a fire vault in homes located in fire-prone areas. Some relief funds are starting to appear, as government officials proclaim ample funding to rebuild (easy for them to say - it's not their money!) More firefighting help is on the way, as detailed by the next three articles, and the best news for firefighters is a potential change in the weather. Firefighters caution against playing the 'blame game' in the aftermath of the bushfires, but the next article asks where 'stay and defend' stands now. Forest owners see a financial disaster on the horizon as the bushfires head for their plantations, and the next two articles recount how governments Down Under are reevaluating their own bushfire emergency plans in light of this current crisis. Survivors recall harrowing escapes, while the costs of this disaster are only beginning to be tallied. Often overlooked in the midst of human loss and suffering, the wildlife are also impacted by these bushfires, and finally, the Australians may have their own Smoky Bear, this one a Koala that survived the bushfires.

Town hall meetings help Santa Barbara residents prepare for wildfires

Oregon firefighters get cancer coverage in House vote

Forest Fire in Lafayette County

Chesterfield Battling Brush Fires

Forest fire attacks western Indonesia

Australia sifts through ash to ID bushfire victims

NZ emergency services lend hands in Australia

Warning on bogus bushfire fundraisers

Fear united Victorian bushfires to threaten towns, water, gas

Centrelink 'cruel joke' angers bushfire victims

Asbestos threat hampers search for bushfire victims

Architect calls for bunkers in fire zone homes

Bushfire relief funds set to start flowing

'Money no issue' in bushfire rebuild: Brumby

Second ACT taskforce heads to Victoria

NSW sends hundreds more firefighters to Victoria

Specialist forest firefighters arrive in Melbourne

Wind aids fire threat to Yea-Murrindindi

Time for unity not blame: firefighter

Australia’s stay and defend approach: up in smoke?

Bushfires threaten 10% of HVP Plantations' tree stock

Govt urged to speed up Tas bushfire inquiry

Boswell calls for overhaul of forest fire management

Australian wildfire survivors recall ordeal

Bushfire bill could top $2bn

Wildlife suffer in the Australian bushfires

Koala rescued from Australia's wildfire wasteland

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