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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


US Forest Service is in hot water with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality for setting creosote-treated railroad ties on fire in the Kaibab National Forest (1); and in the aftermath of New Mexico's Quail Ridge Fire, local fire departments had a brainstorming session to discuss what worked and what didn't in battling the blaze (2). As Colorado's Grey rock wildfire reached 75% containment, wildfire conditions remained moderate in the Roosevelt National Forest (3); but the Lefthand Fire, which just reached 100% containment, emphasizes the fact that there really is no set fire season in that state anymore (4). A wildfire near Rapid City, South Dakota, destroyed several buildings and threatened others (5). An arsonist was apprehended by authorities in Oklahoma in regards to four grass fires that were deliberately set (6); which was probably good timing, since temperatures and wind speed are expected to increase, boosting fears of a return of wildfires across that state (7). The Texas Forest Service provides a summary of wildfires in that state in the next article (8); while firefighters in the Panhandle discussed lessons learned battling fires that burned there over the past few weeks (9). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Ray Rasker, Executive Director of Montana-based Headwaters Economics, discusses how the efficiency of the US Forest Service in fighting wildfires is encouraging construction of more subdivisions encroaching on wildland areas (10); and as spring approaches, officials from Michigan's Department of Natural Resources discussed the wildfire danger and staffing issues (11). The New Jersey Forest Fire Service is burning approximately 170 acres in Atlantic County to reduce the wildfire danger (12). Firefighters are planning controlled burns in all four of North Carolina's national forests this year (13); and there will be a demonstration on the impact of wildfires on structures at the IBHS Research Center in Chester County, South Carolina, next week (14); but now that the fire in McIntosh County, Georgia, is out, officials and homeowners are assessing the damage done (15). An 85-acre wildfire has been reported in Volusia County, Florida (16); and after reports of 53 wildfires in South Florida, versus the normal tally of 30 by this time each year, Florida Division of Forestry is bracing for more of the same as the region experiences desert conditions (17). In honor of Cyprus's help in battling the wildfires near Haifa late last year, Israel invited their president to plant a tree in their Grove of Nations (18); followed by an article that discusses the high cost of fighting forest fires in the African nation of Kenya (19). As two men face charges for lighting fires during a total burn ban outside of Perth, Western Australia, Fire and Emergency Services Authority leadership is reminding residents of the bushfire danger (20); and two years after bushfires devastated the communities of Bridgetown and Balingup the next article takes a look at the current situation (21). South Australia's District Council of Barunga West Bushfire Prevention Committee is profiled in the next item (22); while the Tasmania Fire Service battled a bushfire near Hobart Airport yesterday (23). And finally, we have a bit of a head scratcher in which a convicted arsonist has sued the fire agencies who responded to a wildfire he sparked in Colorado!

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