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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Red flag warnings in San Diego County, California, are the topic of our first wildfire story today; but CAL FIRE will begin investigation into whether the Loma Fire in Central California was caused by embers left over from debris burned by CAL FIRE several days before. Hollister Air Attack Base has had an additional pair of S-2T air-tankers stationed there during the Loma Fire; and the same meteorological event causing red flag warnings in Southern California will be doing so in southern Nevada as well. Eastern red cedar trees are considered to be a fire hazard that needs to be addressed by firefighters in Oklahoma; but, having suffered through a devastating wildfire that destroyed dozens of homes, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, politicians are focusing on public safety this election. A study takes a look at the Positive Indian Ocean Dipole (PIOD) effect on bushfires in Australia; followed by a laundry list of preparations in Victoria as bushfire season officially begins. As part of the overhaul of Victoria's bushfire strategy, the head of Country Fire Authority will be legally responsible for getting word out about the bushfire danger to civilians; followed by a story about the terrifying flight of one woman during the Black Saturday bushfires that was recounted for the Royal Bushfire Commission in Victoria. Another bushfire auto donation scam in Victoria has been exposed. A summary of the wildfire situation in Queensland includes some details on political mudslinging taking place in Parliament; even as a quartet of Queensland park rangers are on the hot seat as investigators delve into why they refused to fight a bushfire. A bushfire that has burned several hundred acres in Western Australia has been contained. And finally, although they normally remain at airfields to help with firefighting on aircraft, Australian Airport Rescue Firefighters (ARFFs) have been seeing some action as an important backup to bushfire firefighters as well (so the next time you have a bushfire, remember to invite an ARFF to the party!)

Experts say expected winds won't pose a major fire risk

Cal Fire official confirms that crews were burning brush in Loma fire area last week

Extra aircraft stationed in Hollister for Loma Fire

High wind and wildfire warnings issued for Las Vegas

Control of Eastern red cedar trees urged to better control wildfires

Public safety tops concerns of candidates in North Myrtle Beach

Link established between Aussie bushfires and Indian Ocean conditions

Warnings for bushfire season

CFA head will issue public bushfire warnings under new emergency management structure

Woman tells of fear fleeing fire

Ringwood man faces court on bushfire fund fraud claims

MPs trade blows over bushfire management

Park rangers grilled for failing to fight bushfires

Prevelly bushfire contained

Aviation Fire Fighters In Australia Give Bushfire Assistance

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