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Thursday, October 29, 2009


In wildfire news, a small wildfire broke out near homes in the Hollywood Hills yesterday; but as a writer, you just never know where your work may end up - in this case someone who survived the 2007 wildfires in San Diego County had her submission included in the latest 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' book! An Op-Ed piece from Santa Cruz discusses the pros and cons of controlled burns; followed by another from the same paper that discusses how CAL FIRE's decision to delay releasing seasonal firefighters will increase the strain on a fire budget that is already nearly spent and the fiscal year is only halfway done! The role of ham operators in providing information during the Loma Fire is revealed in the next article. Power utilities in California, burned by recent lawsuits and insurance costs, are lobbying the Public Utilities Commission to allow them to increase rates to cover rising insurance costs. Anti-logging activists in Oregon have won another court battle in a salvage logging case within the burn area of the Biscuit Fire; but a controversial grant of $2.8 million has been awarded to the US Forest Service for work in Washington DC, despite several complaints from Western states that the money could be better used in preventing wildfires west of the Mississippi. Trouble in paradise, as firefighters on the Hawaiian island of Maui have a 30-acre wildfire to deal with. One possible explanation for fires spotted burning in North Korea in mid-October may be that farmers were burning off some of their land rather than the earlier explanation that it was massive forest fires. Indonesia is working with Australia to implement a satellite surveillance system that will help them better identify wildfires early. As we head south, a forested area on New Zealand's South Island is being scrutinized for its potential as a fire hazard. Citing waste and inefficiency as problems for the current two-tier arrangement in Victoria, Australia, the Royal Bushfire Commission is recommending that Country Fire Authority and the Department of Sustainability and Environment be combined into one agency; something which may be reflected in the next article about fire spotters in Victoria who complain that they don't have binoculars and other necessary tools with which to perform their duties due to a lack of funds. An article underscores the importance of timely and accurate information on bushfires in Victoria. Whereas most of the focus in bushfire recovery stories has been on homeowners, the next one focuses on businesses trying to recover from the Black Saturday bushfires; even as residents of the Yarra Valley are considering various locations as bushfire refuges. Psychologists stress the need for the right mindset for civilians dealing with bushfires, such as the recent ones in Queensland. Fire agencies in South Australia fear that residents have become complacent, leaving them unprepared for the bushfire season; but an editorial leaves no doubt as to the danger. Firefighters in Tasmania are learning survival techniques in the event they are trapped in burnovers. And finally, beware of visitors bearing gifts, as one Los Angeles County fire station crew found out when someone appeared with what looked to be a bomb!

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