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Thursday, August 20, 2009


In our first wildfire article today, the brother-in-law of the arsonist convicted of setting the Esperanza Fire is now on the run, facing charges of jury tampering; followed by a summary of the La Brea Fire. A couple in Washington state recalls the close call they had with a wildfire in the area; but Washington state fire officials are expecting that several fires which have been allowed to burn in Olympic National Park will flare up this week as temperatures increase. Private individuals are raising an award for information about an arsonist who set several fires in a pair of Utah canyons; and a complex burning in Texas has covered 700 acres. A tally of wildfires that burned in Michigan so far this year is provided by the next article. Trouble in paradise, as firefighters in Honolulu, Hawaii, had a small wildfire to tackle yesterday. RCMP Mounties have located the body of a helicopter pilot who crashed over the weekend while fighting fires in British Columbia. The impact of Global Warming, in the form of wildfires made worse by millions of beetle-killed trees, bodes ill even for such places like Siberia, in which eight of the last 10 fire seasons have been catastrophic. Hundreds of firefighters and dozens of air-tankers in northern Spain and Portugal are battling several blazes, one of which has severed a rail line into France. With more than 50 wildfires burning across Greece, one wind-driven wildfire outside of Athens is causing firefighters a great deal of trouble; even as Greek officials comment on the effects of Global Warming on wildfires in their country. The European Union has established the SAFER program (Services and Applications For Emergency Response) to provide up-to-date information to emergency personnel worldwide. Vietnam has seen an 18% increase in fires and an 8% increase in acreage burned so far this year. In light of recommendations made by the Royal Bushfire Commission, Victoria is reevaluating school evacuation plans, prompting the question: will the other Australian states follow suit? The tug-of-war over how much bushfire relief money to give to small businesses hit by the Black Saturday bushfires in February continues; but an often-unseen aspect of bushfires, the psychological trauma, is examined by the next article about Black Saturday survivors. Property owners in Victoria now have more latitude in clearing vegetation from their property; but although South Australia councils cannot legally establish bushfire refuges, at least one mayor is lobbying for the opportunity. And finally, the Force was with firefighters as they succeeded in stopping a wildfire that threatened George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch in Central California!

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