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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Wildfire News Of The Day will be on hiatus all next week, returning on 11/9. The LA Times takes another look at mistakes made in the early hours of the Station Fire that allowed it to become a monster; even as TreePeople, along with actress Victoria Principal, are raising funds to help restore Angeles National Forest following the devastation of the fire. SDG&E and Cox Communications have agreed to pay out $17 million in settlements for wildfires started in San Diego County in 2007 by their equipment. A study published in Open Forest Science Journal argues that the Forest Service should not be clearing out dead trees that clutter forested areas, as told in an article from Arizona; but firefighters are once again planning a controlled burn in northern Arizona, where a previous burn that got out of control burned thousands of acres a few weeks ago. A program on FireWise landscaping will be conducted in a Texas community next week; while firefighters in Illinois will be conducting a controlled burn in a wetland area south of Chicago. Forest owners in Alberta, Canada, are asking the federal government to set controlled burns to halt the advance of the destructive bark beetle into their stands of timber. Citizens of the African nation of Ghana are lobbying for fire officials to form anti-bushfire committees as the dry season approaches. Firefighters in New Zealand battled a 200 acre blaze with some help from a helicopter air-tanker, as the next two articles show. A report from Victoria has revealed the pay raises for Country Fire Authority leadership in that state; and former heads of South Australia's Country Fire Service weigh in on the issue of appropriate firefighting aircraft for that region, with comments by Wildfire NOTD subscriber David Cant, the current CFS Aviation Services Manager. There is also a debate between Tasmanian fire chiefs past and present, over whether houses are 'blacklisted' by firefighters during bushfires.

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