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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


In our first wildfire story today, the Los Angeles County Fire Department has announced that they will not be housing 80 inmate firefighters in Malibu after all, but not everyone in the fire-prone area is cheering (1); and as the third in a series of storms slammed into Southern California, hundreds of residents of foothill communities burned by the Station Fire were evacuated due to fear of mudslides (2). A landowner assistance program in the San Bernardino National Forest is helping forest dwellers reduce the wildfire hazards on their property (3); while Santa Barbara was keeping an eye on areas under rehabilitation after the Tea and Jesusita Fires due to the threat from mudslides (4). A Colorado community is reevaluating their Community Wildfire Protection Plan (5); the US Forest Service plans to thin and burn over 8,600 acres of national forest land surrounding Montana's capital (6); and firefighters in South Carolina are proceeding with controlled burns in parts of the state (7). Something that many would not have thought possible is occurring: wildfire briefings in the lush tropical paradise of Hawaii! (8) A university in England has developed robots that can rush in where firefighters fear to tread (9). As the government of the African nation of Ghana presses forward with its campaign to reduce bushfires, religious leaders were brought up to speed on the importance of the plan (10). Parts of South Australia are facing an increased bushfire risk within a few days (11); while Country Fire Authority is projecting cooler-than-average temperatures for both Melbourne and Adelaide over the next few months, but is cautioning residents not to get complacent about the bushfire danger (12). As part of his tour of Australia, Prince William will take a trip through communities ravaged by the Black Saturday bushfires last year (13); where the ghosts of bushfires past haunt bushfire survivors when heat waves occur, according to one Australian psychologist (14). A reporter tags along with a Country Fire Authority crew as they prepare for imminent bushfires in Victoria (15). And finally, a monitor lizard injured in the Black Saturday bushfires will be released back into the wilds, but Big Brother will be watching!

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