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Monday, February 06, 2012


A new backlash against California's $150 firefighting fee may see many rural communities join themselves to incorporated cities to avoid paying it (1); and Ventura County Fire Department is concerned that a two-year buildup of fuel coupled with little rainfall so far this year could lead to early-season wildfires (2). After two wildfires destroyed dozens of homes outside of Reno, Nevada, this winter, the fear is that winter wildfires may become more common as the climate warms in the area (3); while New Mexico's Gila National Forest will be conducting controlled burns in the near future (4). Although forests surrounding Grand Lake, Colorado, have been heavily impacted by the mountain pine beetle infestations, local fire officials are pleased with preventative measures that have been implemented as a result (5); and plans are afoot to expand an air tanker base outside of Fort Collins (6). Although Tennesseans are enjoying a mild winter, conditions have prompted wildfire warnings from officials (7); however, New Jersey State Forest Fire Service had to delay a controlled burn planned for Egg Harbor Township due to precipitation (8). A West Virginia Division of Forestry firefighter was honored for risking his life to save a man whose life was in danger from a wildfire (9). Georgia's governor announced fire awareness week for that state (10); but an early spring in the southeast could set that state up for another busy wildfire season like 2011 (11). Firefighters in Volusia County, Florida, pounced on a five-acre wildfire that broke out over the weekend (12). An outbreak of hantavirus in Chile is believed to have been caused by recent wildfires driving rats into areas inhabited by people (13); even as more wildfires continued to break out across the country (14). Australian telecommunications giant Telstra admitted that bushfire warning messages would not reach into Blackwood, Victoria, due to poor cell tower coverage (15); while a new documentary titled "Then the Wind Changed" recounts the events of Black Saturday on the third anniversary of the disaster (16); but environmentalists fear that an endangered possum species whose habitat was ravaged by the Black Saturday bushfires could be further endangered by logging in that area (17). Although a Western Australian resident who was badly injured fighting last year's Kelmscott-Roleystone bushfires received a payout from the government, it was less than she had hoped for (18); this at a time when local governments are asking for greater enforcement of bushfire clearance laws (19). And finally, two Black Saturday memorials in Victoria are worth noting: one in Callignee in Gippsland made up of hundreds of titles designed by residents (20); and another in the form of a metal tree to which blacksmiths continue to add leaves!

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