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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


In Southern California, a KPCC radio segment discusses the debate over using retardant to fight wildfires (1); and following two new studies about the health impact of wildfire smoke, an article from the Inland Empire looks at the consequences in that region (2); but recent rainstorms have significantly reduced the wildfire danger in San Diego County (3); while firefighters battled a half-acre fire near the Stanislaus River in Modesto yesterday (4). US Forest Service reported a 100-acre wildfire in Arizona's Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest (5); but four months on, residents of Yarnell are still trying to rebuild following a wildfire that destroyed 100 homes and killed 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots (6). Colorado's U.S. Senator Mark Udall drafted a letter to the Department of Agriculture urging US Forest Service to partner with the timber industry to reduce the wildfire danger in his state (7); while Honeywell honored Colorado Springs volunteer firefighters with a $255,000 donation for their bravery battling wildfires (8). Celebrating 40 years of supporting Western wildfire fighting, Pennsylvania's Bureau of Forestry takes a look back at this season (9); but windy, dry weather has sparked fears of wildfires in Southern New Hampshire (10). Firefighters in Rockport, Massachusetts, continued to grapple with a forest fire that has defied their efforts for four days (11); but a wildfire in Groton's Rocky Hill Wildlife Sanctuary appears to finally be under control (12). A 110-acre wildfire on New York State's Mount Eve reignited (13); and a 50-acre wildfire challenged firefighters on Torne Mountain in Rockland County (14). Strong winds and warm weather caused Alaska's Mississippi Fire to burn another 300 acres after breaching a containment line (15). Firefighters were finally able to rope in a wildfire burning in British Columbia, Canada's, Cumberland area (16); and as the fire season ends in eastern Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador's Department of Natural Resources provides statistics on fire activity this season (17). Two new wildfires were reported in Europe: a 7-hectare blaze outside of Covadonga, Spain, and a 10-hectare fire near Villanovaforru, Italy (18). As Australians worry about what the bushfire season will bring, the Aborigines offer a different perspective (19); while Queensland Fire and Rescue firefighters struggle to contain a 250-acre wildfire near Millmerran (20). Burn Area Emergency Recovery efforts are underway in New South Wales where a 16,000-hectare bushfire blazed through the Southern Highlands (21); the following item providing some pictures of the devastation caused by a 55,000-hectare bushfire outside of Lithgow (22); where the military, which is faulted for having started the blaze, defended their offer of help in the cleanup efforts (23). As the Kilmore East fire case proceeds in the Victoria Supreme Court, plaintiff's who wanted to have evidence provided by SP AusNet excluded from the proceedings were overruled (24). And finally, members of Texas' Waxahachie Firefighters Association went beyond the usual pink T-shirt, having their hair tinted pink to help raise $12,000 during their cancer awareness campaign!

(1) 'Orange Slime' use in fighting fires debated (photos)

(2) HEALTH: Wildfire smoke more hazardous than smog, study finds

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