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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Wildfire News Of The Day begins with an article in which incident commanders state that they have the Station Fire 60% contained now, as it surpasses 250 mi.² burned; and an interactive map gives a graphic representation of just how much territory has burned in the Angeles National Forest. A behind-the-scenes look at arson investigation by a Los Angeles County firefighter is provided by a segment from the Discovery Channel. Despite the fact that firefighters intended to set backfires on the Station Fire to burn out fuel ahead of the flame front on Monday; a flare-up canceled that plan. The harrowing saga of the inmate firefighting crew that was left behind when their leaders plummeted over a cliff to their deaths is recounted; and, of the hundred-plus fire units battling Southern California blazes, a 'ferocious' hotshot crew from South Dakota is profiled. Bank of America will be donating $50,000 to assist charitable organizations helping with the Southern California wildfires; but as the bills for the Southern California wildfires are tabulated, a report from Colorado points out some of the hidden costs in wildfires of the past and their aftermath (the report can be seen at this link). Fontana, no stranger to wildfires, provides tips to citizens on how to prepare for them. On the eve of the California Public Utility Commission's decision on San Diego Gas & Electric's radical idea of shutting off power to backcountry areas during red flag days, the Associated Press provides some background material on the debate. An Op-Ed piece from San Diego blasts the so-called 'eco-bureaucrats' who have stifled logging in California; while another article looks at the impact 'lowballing' of property values by insurance companies has had on rebuilding of homes destroyed in the devastating 2007 wildfires in San Diego County. CAL FIRE dealt with a small wildfire that erupted during vegetation clearance in central California. A spate of lightning-sparked wildfires kept firefighters busy in Colorado; and an Op-Ed piece from that state blames failed federal policies and environmentalists for the damage caused by wildfires in the Western United States each year. A couple of articles out of Montana today: a small wildfire has entered the mop up stages; but another one is being allowed to continue to spread, surpassing 1,000 acres burned so far. West Virginia's wildfire season officially begins October 1st and runs through the end of the year, so firefighters are trying to get the word out to residents about the fire danger; while a Florida community is sponsoring a Firewise workshop for homeowners and home developers alike later this week. The record-setting year of lightning strikes for British Columbia, Canada, which has suffered through over 3000 wildfires since April, is examined in detail; Canadian inmates will be cleaning over 60,000 hoses at the end of the BC fire season; even as over 1,000 firefighters continued to mop up hotspots around the province. The Indonesian Environmental Forum is charging that the government has failed to take appropriate steps to stop widespread wildfires set on plantation and other company lands. Crews of Australian and New Zealand firefighters returned home from fighting fires in Canada, and made preparations for fighting potential blazes in their own backyards. The first inquiries by the Royal Bushfire Commission into Australians killed in the Black Saturday bushfires are beginning; and as part of the overhaul of Victoria's emergency bushfire procedures, the emergency control center is getting a new name; while a Victorian politician is advocating a network of roads safe for bushfire evacuations. Firefighters in Queensland were battling a blaze that was nearing 500 acres in size; but an elderly man will be arraigned in a New South Wales bushfire inquiry. And finally, a dilapidated Connecticut fire station brings new meaning to the firefighter habit of 'meeting the public': in this case they have four legs!

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