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Friday, January 21, 2011


The former Fire Chief of San Clemente, California, recalls a wildfire 35 years ago today which resulted in fundamental changes in wildfire preparations in California (1); while thinning of vegetation in Colorado's Pike National Forest will continue through May (2). Lewis and Clark County, Montana, is working with Tetra Tech, Inc. to update their disaster plans (3); but an article from the New York Times cites a study from the University of East Anglia, UK, which supports earlier studies by NASA and NOAA that indicate that temperatures in 2010 were up worldwide (4). Lake County, Florida, has lifted its burn ban after drenching rains, but Osceola and Volusia counties have left theirs in place (5); and weather forecasters estimate that Jacksonville is 20 inches below normal on rainfall, opening 2011 with a dangerous wildfire season (6). Sixteen wildfires have been reported across the South American nation of Colombia (7). Meanwhile in Australia, Victoria's government has provided another $450,000 to continue Black Saturday bushfire counseling (8); which is probably a good idea considering the fact it may take years for these survivors to fully recover (9); nevertheless, Marysville, which was virtually destroyed by Black Saturday bushfires, has had a rebirth! (10) The contentious issue of New South Wales' Rural Fire Service levy is examined in the next item (11); followed by an article about a Rural Fire Service firefighter who has been charged with setting two dozen arson bushfires on the outskirts of Sydney (12). A $10 million price tag is being attached to a bushfire which burned through Waroona, Western Australia, last week (13); while residents of Kwinana are picking up the pieces from their own bushfire (14); but Yanchep National Park has reopened (15); even as a devastating bushfire 50 years ago is recalled (16). And finally, for residents of Nogales, Arizona, faced with a wildfire, there is one other emergency phone number to add to the speed-dial: the local church!

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