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Friday, August 19, 2011


A wildfire burning near Paradise, California, was considered 60% contained as it reached 11 acres in size yesterday afternoon (1); while firefighters pounced on a quarter-acre wildfire that burned outside of Santa Cruz (2). Half a dozen fires burning near Rogue River, Oregon, forced closure of northbound Interstate 5 for about 10 miles; but the Oregon Department of Forestry said that the North River Road Fire, which has burned 400 acres, is now 40% contained (4); however, a 200-acre wildfire burning near Leavenworth, Washington, may keep Highway 2 closed over the weekend (5). Firefighters hope to completely contain a 3,628-acre wildfire burning near Gardnerville, Nevada, by this evening (6). Officials from Arizona's Coconino, Prescott and Kaibab National Forests will answer the public's questions on wildfires at an open house to be held in Sedona on August 23 (7); but a wildfire burning in the Kaibab National Forest near Williams now covers 4,632 acres (8). The Northwest Colorado Fire Management Unit reported that a 76-acre wildfire burning near Maybell will be allowed to burn for ecological benefits (9). A wind-driven wildfire burned 2,000 acres in Johnston County, Oklahoma (10); but authorities are still investigating wildfires that burned in Pawnee County earlier this month which destroyed 15,000 acres costing $20-$22 million (11). Wildfires in northern Texas are the focus of the next article (12); where a 434-acre wildfire burning in Anderson County was apparently sparked by a fallen power line (13); and a wildfire that has burned 350 acres in Smith County should be contained by this afternoon (14); while several wildfires burned roughly 100 acres around Gonzales (15). Two wildfires burning in Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness have scorched across 3,000 acres so far (16); however, firefighters expect to have a 200-acre wildfire in southwest Wyoming wrapped up by tonight (17). Firefighters in Louisiana are concerned that drought conditions combined with recent lightning storms could require the call up of additional firefighters, possibly even from out of state (18); and Alabama is facing an increased wildfire danger for the next 2 to 3 years because of 231,000 acres of timber blown down by recent tornadoes, according to the Alabama Forestry Commission (19). The wildfire in Virginia's Great Dismal Swamp Wildlife Refuge expanded to 6,071 acres, its smoke sullying the skies of Hampton Roads for a second day (20); said wildfire having provided some activity for about 20 firefighters from West Virginia's Division of Forestry (21). A 1.5 ha wildfire was spotted by a bird dog aircraft looking for fires in British Columbia, Canada's, Kamloops Fire District (22); while the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada organizations are working to find additional resources for some of the 4,000 evacuees from First Nation settlements impacted by Ontario's wildfires (23). In the Mediterranean Basin, wildfires were reported in Albania, and the northern African nations of Algeria and Tunisia (24); as well as a wind-driven wildfire near the Spanish town of Murcia that has forced the evacuation of thousands of residents (25). As part of Lebanon's National Strategy for Forest Fire management, a new fire prediction system has been initiated (26). Heading to Australia, bushfires near Katherine, Northern Territory, destroyed two homes and some farm implements (27); while four bushfires converged north of the Western Australia town of Broome (28). And finally, thieves in Strath Creek, Victoria, added insult to injury by robbing the Black Saturday community's new town hall of appliances right before a celebration!

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