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Thursday, February 19, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, one of the five people accused of starting the Corral Fire in Malibu was given probation instead of jail due to his efforts to extinguish the fire after it started, while the Colorado Legislature passed a pair of measures they hope will help fire authorities deal with wildfires in that state, and windy conditions in Georgia have fire managers there educating the public on ways to cut down on the possibility of wildfires. Fire officials in South Australia are having a heated debate over a bushfire warning system, in light of what's been happening near Melbourne, especially after a report from Country Fire Service that concluded that an overhaul of South Australia's bushfire plans was urgently needed. The Australian government is putting more money in the kitty for sustaining firefighting aircraft throughout the country, as fire managers attempt to stay ahead of disaster by redeploying firefighting aircraft to western Victoria due to concern over possible lightning strikes. Insurance rates are expected to climb by 5-10% throughout Australia to help pay back the insurance companies for outlays after the bushfires, while the number of fatalities continues to climb as forensic experts comb areas hit by the bushfires and winds of over 100 mph blow fires past containment lines. The combination of drought and excessive vegetation is getting much of the blame for the magnitude of the recent bushfires, but turf battles between authorities may have also caused unnecessary delays in getting aid into areas hit by bushfires, according to the next article. A fire crew feels lucky to be alive after a tree fell on their rig, but at least one Melbourne firefighter lamented the fact that city firefighters were not sent into the bush to help fight fires over the past few days. A veterinary response task force has been setup in Australia to help care for animals injured in the bushfires, and the Australian RSPCA has received substantial donations with which to assist wildlife affected by the recent bushfires. In the midst of all this destruction, however, the ever-resilient Aussies have been utilizing caravans as temporary accommodations in bushfire-ravaged areas until the job of rebuilding can begin.

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