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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The wildfire news was a bit more subdued today, leading off with an article from Bill Hoffman on San Diego government/fire officials' fire plans, followed by another article on California firefighting costs, with an interesting idea: tax homeowners in earthquake and flood zones as well as those in wildfire zones, since the same equipment can be used for those disasters. A Science Daily article on the assistance NASA is providing on fire mapping provides some interesting images. Greece has over 100 fires burning at the moment, as does Canada, forcing them to recall some of the Canadians manning firelines in California. Firefighters were making progress on the California wildfires, but another county was declared a disaster area (the twelfth so far) and another $41.5 million of public assistance money was used to help pay for suppression costs. A couple of stories from Redding chart firefighters' progress and also a spotters-eye-view of what the folks coordinating air attacks on wildfires see. Finally, another warning has been issued about how climate change could be increasing wildfires.

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