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Thursday, June 21, 2012


A 400-acre wildfire burning near California's Lake Isabella is now 70% contained (1). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dennis Hulbert, former Regional Aviation Officer for the US Forest Service, comments on efforts by the US government to replace the aging air-tanker fleet in an editorial from Las Vegas, Nevada, that discusses the air-tanker shortage (2); followed by a letter to the editor that appeals to the Obama Administration to focus more energy on the problem (3); but in the meantime, a wildfire near Ely which has burned nearly 20 mi.² is not projected to be fully contained until July 4th (4). Wildfire activity in Arizona, where an 11,011-acre wildfire burning in the Tonto National Forest is now 15% contained, is provided by the next article (5); an article from Northern Arizona discussing how to prepare for wildfires in your own neighborhood (6). As nearly 2,000 firefighters continued to battle the 68,200-acre High Park Fire in Colorado, some evacuees will be allowed to return home (7); but a man suspected of impersonating a firefighter is in more hot water in regards to stolen firefighting equipment from a previous wildfire (8); and, even more seriously, may be facing rape charges as well (9); while Greeley Water and Sewer Department estimated it will cost $1,100 an acre to repair wildfire damage and protect their water supply from contamination (10); but continued dry conditions have prompted fire officials in the San Juan National Forest to impose a burn ban (11); and a wildfire forced closure of Highway 50 near Cañon City (12); while Teller County sheriffs deputies are on the lookout for a wildfire arsonist (13). A 1,535-acre wildfire continues to burn in Sevier County, Utah (14); but although the Austin, Texas, suburb of Steiner Ranch is attempting to prepare for wildfires, their options are limited (15). Fire managers have elevated the wildfire danger risk to "high" for Wyoming's Teton County, Bridger-Teton National Forest and Grand Teton National Park (16); and with the approach of the Fourth of July, fire officials in Tennessee are cautioning residents of the fire danger (17). Firefighters in North Carolina brought the 22,000-acre wildfire burning in Croatan National Forest to 60% containment (18); smoke from the blaze once again prompting air quality alerts across Eastern North Carolina (19); the next article giving a tip of the hat to the hard work of firefighters attempting to rope in the blaze (20). Lightning strikes have sparked numerous fires across Apalachicola County, Florida (21); where Firehawk Helicopters has just signed another exclusive use contract with US Forest Service to battle wildfires with their S-70 Blackhawk conversions (22). Although 217 wildfires have burned 44,062 acres in Alaska so far this year, it's considered to be a mild wildfire season on the Last Frontier (23); and firefighters on the Hawaiian island of Maui finally contained a wildfire burning in Makawao Forest Reserve (24). Firefighters were assisted by an air-tanker in battling a wildfire near Howley, Newfoundland (25); the next article providing more information on wildfires in Newfoundland and Labrador (26); while fire authorities are also worried about the danger across Nova Scotia (27). Satellite photos show wildfires burning in Siberia and the United States (28). Officials from the state government of Himachal Pradesh, India, have been cited for their inability to control forest fires in this northern Indian state by a Non-Government Organization (NGO) (29); but although firefighters on the island of Borneo have fought 283 wildfires so far this year, peat fires are by far the worst to put out (30). And finally, air-tankers have been grounded for safety reasons and high winds, but this may have been the first time they were grounded because of meteor activity!

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