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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The costs continue to pile up in Southern California for LA County Public Works as it clears debris basins of runoff from the Station Fire burn areas, our first wildfire-related story today (1); while several dozen Riverside County firefighters, along with air tanker support, tackled a wildfire in Moreno Valley yesterday (2). A project to create a museum on the grounds of the old Siskiyou Smokejumper Base near Cave Junction, Oregon, has moved one step closer to fruition (3); but although the area around Reno, Nevada, is expecting a below-average wildfire season, homeowners are being advised to take precautions anyway (4). A fire district in Northern Arizona had a meeting of the minds between Bureau of Land Management and local fire officials to prepare for the fire season (5); but the governor is expected to sign a bill which would allow sparklers to be used on Fourth of July (6); which is not exactly a big hit with fire officials (7); at a time when the Bureau of Land Management has decided to ban fireworks in areas under its jurisdiction in Colorado (8). US Forest Service is spraying pheromones across timber along Sun Valley, Idaho's, ski slopes in hopes of staving off an invasion by bark beetles (9); and having just gotten through a busy wildfire weekend, New Jersey has decided to continue their campfire ban (10). Arson investigators from the Florida Division of Forestry have determined that a wildfire which burned along the Treasure Coast was human-caused (11); and firefighters contained a wildfire after it had burned nearly 60 acres in Big Gum Swamp Wilderness (12). Firefighters and insurers are bracing for a bad fire season in British Columbia this year (13). A bog fire in County Leitrim, Ireland, required the attention of firefighters from several surrounding communities to bring it under control (14); this, the latest in a long string of expensive fires for a country which has only seen one week of rain since January (15). Zimbabwe's Natural Resources Minister urged various groups to help reduce the incidence of veld fires in that African nation (16). Australia's second annual bushfire arson conference focused on ways to limit the estimated $1.6 billion attributed to this problem (17); but the cause of a bushfire in Western Australia's wheat belt last December has been determined to be accidental (18). Smoke from controlled burns in New South Wales' Blue Mountains is marring the skies of the state capital of Sydney (19); the event sparking many frantic calls about what was perceived to be a bushfire (20). Several firefighters from Queensland Fire and Rescue Service are training to be aerial observers, something which is critical when trying to control bushfires (21). Local governments are pleased at the amount of money being put into bushfire funds in Victoria (22); while student musicians who were impacted by the Black Saturday bushfires were brought together with The Royal Australian Navy Band for an uplifting concert (23). And finally, the ordeal of an orphaned kangaroo whose mother was killed during the Black Saturday bushfires had a hoppy ending!

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