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Thursday, March 03, 2011


Our first article today takes a closer look at Oregon's 2011 Greater Bend Community Wildfire Protection Plan (1); while Delta County, Colorado, residents are being apprised of the wildfire danger in their area (2). Statistics compiled by the Texas Forest Service show that nearly 200,000 acres have been burned by wildfires, destroying 130 structures since January 1st, compared with just a little over 100,000 acres burned in all of 2010 (3); and a summary of wildfires burning across West Texas, some of which threaten turbines and oil fields, is provided in the next item (4); where early estimates put property losses alone at $13 million (5). Firefighters in Howard County, Texas, battled a 300-acre wildfire that was sparked by vehicle exhaust (6); and Texas Forest Service is hosting wildfire preparation meetings to educate the public during this period of wildfire danger (7). Due to reduced snowfall this winter, Michigan's Department of Natural Resources is bracing for an active wildfire season (8); but wildfires are not bad news for everybody, as one New Jersey-based analytical company is offering its services with soot contamination to homeowners in Texas (9). Residents of Rappahannock County, Virginia, were given some pointers on how to reduce their property damage from wildfires (10); while the impact of a La Niña effect in the Pacific on wildfires in Watauga County, North Carolina, is the topic of the next item (11). A 2,250-acre wildfire that burned outside of Hoboken, Georgia, has been identified as an arson fire (12); prompting officials to offer a $10,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension of the arsonist (13). Suffering through some of the worst droughts in 80 years, wildfires in Florida have burned 25 mi.² so far (14); satellite photos providing some striking views of those wildfires as the Southeast's fire season gets an early start (15); this despite recent rains in Southwest Florida (16). Bulldozers, air-tankers, and firefighters on the ground continued to grapple with Florida's wildfires, concerned that brisk winds could worsen the situation (17); the next item showing some video from a flyover of Florida's 'Iron Horse Fire', where isolated hotspots are tying down crews attempting to snuff the blazes (18). A firefighter injured earlier this week while battling the 'Iron Horse Fire' should be returning home soon (19); even as reinforcements are heading to Central Florida to help with the raging wildfires there (20). Florida homeowners are provided with some useful tips for safeguarding their residences from wildfires in the next item (21); but in the midst of battling these blazes, firefighters have to look out for all the usual hazards, and some unusual ones, like unmarked septic tanks! (22) An article from the National Fire Protection Association commemorates the first century of America's national forests, created by the Week's Act in 1911 (23). In southwest China's Yunnan Province, a wildfire reignited, trapping a group of firefighters and local officials, killing nine and injuring seven (24); and Vietnam is bracing for forest fires in 16 provinces located in the Central Highlands and southwestern part of the country (25). An Op-Ed piece from Australia argues for a resumption of that country's space program in order to launch satellites to monitor natural disasters, such as bushfires (26). And finally, firefighters in Yuma, Arizona, found out that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not only proof against fires, but against snapping dogs as well!

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