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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Leading off the news today is a story about the CL-415 inauguration ceremony in San Diego, ushering in a new era for San Diego aerial firefighting. And speaking of aerial firefighting, something new has been unveiled by Stanford researchers: a remote-control helicopter that could be used for mapping wildfires (which, along with the remote control bulldozer mentioned here a couple of weeks ago could make firefighters' lives a lot safer in the future). Sheep are once again in the news, this time clearing vegetation around Carson City, Nevada. Environmentalists are after USFS about the misdirection of funds earmarked for conservation, as detailed in the next story. Trouble in paradise as the next two stories relate - one from Hawaii and another from Samoa. Fire managers in Oregon are concerned about a weather front moving in with possible lightning strikes, while rangers in Sequoia are concerned about wildfires encroaching on their preserves. Folks in Idaho are concerned about a fire near Pole Creek, and UPI reports on the perceived need for better fire information. Finally, a pair of cautionary tales about pot farms in forest lands - Punji sticks-r-us, so watch where you step!

County Unveils New Firefighting Tools

Self-flying Helicopter gets off ground in California

Grazing sheep to protect Carson City from wildfire

U.S. Forest Conservation Deals Under Fire from NGOs

Maui wildfire burning near 'Jaws' surf site

Samoa bushfire under control

Lightning, low humidity increase threat

Sequoia rangers ask for firefighting help

Firefighters continue monitoring Pole Creek fire

Residents want better wildfire information

Marijuana grove found in forest near North Fork

Forest officials warn hunters of pot grows in forest

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