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Thursday, December 18, 2008


First up in wildfire news today, an editorial on opposing viewpoints over the Corral Fire in the Malibu Bowl area last year, followed by a Firewise dissertation on how to protect your home from wildfires. As feared when news of improprieties in the Department of the Interior made the news, Sage Grouse population/habitat data was tampered with, detailed in the next article. Next up, a video about arson detection training in Florida, and the Great Dismal Swamp reopens after extensive wildfires there earlier this year. On the technology front, a newer, lighter thermal scanner is on the market, allowing both structure firefighters and wildland firefighters to detect heat signatures much more reliably, something that is of paramount importance when scanning for hot spots after a wildfire is contained (the Sierra Fire broke out in Orange County, California, over a week after a controlled burn reignited after it had been deemed extinguished, suppression cost: almost $5 million). Heading overseas, Viet Nam is working with international funding to protect forested areas of that country from fires, and India has determined that over 50% of their forested areas need protection from fires as well. On Australia's Kangaroo Island, researchers have determined that massive bushfires there in recent years have not had a significant impact on the Platypus population. And finally, another feel-good story about firefighters braving fire and smoke to rescue cats caught in a house fire.

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