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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Lockwood Valley, north of Los Angeles, California, had a wildfire break out after noon today, as we begin wildfire news; followed by an announcement from fire agencies in Southern California's Inland Empire about a meeting in Murrieta next week where they will be discussing their function in protecting lives and property. In Arizona, a small wildfire burned about 80 acres; and as birds migrate back north, so too do a pair of CL-215 air tankers that are based in Minnesota throughout the fire season. A small Wisconsin wildfire was quickly contained Friday afternoon; and, aiming at preventative measures, South Dakota firefighters are planning to do some prescribed burns. Texas Senators are lobbying President Obama for a Major Disaster declaration in the wake of wildfires there and in Oklahoma so that federal relief funds can be applied; even as donated goods and cash were rolling into a Texas panhandle community ravaged by wildfires to help residents recover from their losses. In the confusion of a wildfire evacuation, pets and owners get separated - enter the pet detectives! In Pennsylvania, preventative measures through education and other means are being employed to diminish the threat of wildfires; but they were a little too slow to prevent an unlawful trash fire from spawning into a wildfire in one township. Like their northeastern neighbor, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire are subject to dry, windy conditions for a few days, increasing the fire danger there; and Red Flag conditions were being reported in New York State as well; where a sizeable forest fire drew a massive response. A 300-acre blaze charred southern New Jersey in the Pinelands National Reserve; while North Carolina firefighters had a blaze to deal with in Johnston County; followed by a brief history on the Drought Index tool used by Florida firefighters (among others). Heading south, to add insult to injury, some of the remains of people burned in Australia's Black Saturday bushfires were forbidden from being cremated. Government officials are trying to figure out why some have been barred from the bushfire hearings; while the site of what some consider a miracle in the midst of the Black Saturday bushfires is being considered as a possible site for a bushfire museum. Hope that the bushfire disaster this year will lead to effective preventative measures in the future is voiced in the next article; and, angry over reports of the imminent arrest of a volunteer firefighter, law enforcement officials denied that this was the case and decried the tarnishing of the CFA's reputation. If you're tired of hearing how many millions this or that outfit contributed to bushfire relief, consider this figure: 600 tons of foodstuffs have been donated to bushfire survivors! And finally, see what love for the job (and good health) can do for your bottom line?

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