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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, a breakthrough discovery in fighting bark beetle infestations: tea anyone? A sobering report from the NTSB about the alarming danger air-ambulance crews face is next up. Two stories out of Texas follow: one about the worsening fire conditions there; the second in which arson investigators have concluded that a fire at Moore AFB which spawned a 2,500 acre wildfire last month was caused by an electrical fire in one of the hangers. Florida is also on high alert about wildfires, as the next article shows, one which offers useful tips to homeowners on how to prevent fires. The Southern Hemisphere was active with fires today, leading off with an article from India in which fire authorities are trying to rein in human-caused forest fires, followed by one from South Africa about problems with veld fires there. New Zealand firefighters battled a scrub fire that damaged some structures on North Island, while a followup article discusses the fire danger that exists close to homes there. In Australia, Victoria state is still having problems with bushfires and the threat of more to come, as recounted by the following three articles. West Australia continues to have problems as well, detailed in the next three articles. And finally, another story about a fire in an unexpected place - the fire station!

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Vic fire crews still fighting stubborn bushfires

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Bushfire under control

Planes help battle bushfire in Port Kennedy

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Firefighters put out fire in own fire station

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