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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


A wildfire forecast for the US is provided by our first article today (1). A wildfire which has burned 4 1/2 sq miles outside of the San Diego County, California, community of Campo is now 55% contained (2); but worse may be on the horizon when the annual Santa Ana wind events arrive later this year (3); while wildfire smoke from Idaho has found its way into Lake County in Northern California (4). Fire crews in Oregon continued to battle the 26,285-acre Pole Creek Fire (5); and also grappled with a 50-acre blaze in the Columbia River Gorge (6). A summary of wildfire activity in Washington state, where the 19,000-acre Peavine Fire forced highway closures, is provided by the next article (7); estimated suppression costs for the Table Mountain Fire nearing $6 million (8); but the air quality in Yakima is improving, according to the Department of Ecology (9); an editorial from Wenatchee stating that wildfires are an essential aspect of the area (10); the next article taking a look at the Northwest Wildland Fire Protection Agreement, which allows Canadian firefighters to help out with wildfires in Washington state (11); while the International Association of Wildland Fire ( passed along an invitation to an upcoming workshop in Seattle, Washington, in which the AirFire Team of the USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station will discuss the impact of wildfire smoke on surrounding communities (12). Arizona Game and Fish has authorized a bear hunt in the Huachuca Mountains to reduce the population after wildfires devastated their habitat, forcing them to forage in nearby communities (13); the next article looking at efforts to prevent flooding in New Mexico's Gila National Forest following the 300,000-acre Whitewater-Baldy Complex fire this summer (14). A 250-acre wildfire in Colorado's White River National Forest may flare up again as fuel dries out from recent rains (15). Wyoming State Forestry officials comment on the factors that saved a Casper Mountain cabin from wildfires (16); while hunters have been reminded of the danger uncontrolled fires pose during current drought conditions in the Medicine Bow National Forest (17). Super Scoopers assisted firefighters on the ground in dealing with a 4,250-acre blaze outside of Condon, Montana (18); where the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation has decided to extend the official wildfire season due to the high fire danger (19). The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency estimates that $6 million of wildfire damage was incurred on public lands this year (20); but a small grass fire in Forest Lake, Minnesota, was quickly snuffed by local fire crews (21). A West Virginia forestry officer shares his exploits battling wildfires in Montana in the next article (22); while a 1-1/2-acre wildfire was quickly snuffed in Castleton, Vermont (23). An article from the New York Times examines the Fire Learning Network, a program which seeks to educate foresters from around the world on the benefits of controlled burns (24). In Canada, British Columbia's Coastal Fire Centre provides an update on wildfire activity in the province in the next item (25); while wildfires in Ontario's Pukaskwa National Park will be allowed to burn for ecological purposes (26). Firefighters in Spain employed 21 airborne crews to battle half-a-dozen wildfires outside of Valencia (27); and people suffering from respiratory tract ailments are increasing as wildfires continue to blanket Sumatra, Indonesia, in smoke (28). Warrandyte Community Association is concerned that Victoria, Australia's, government officials are ignoring the bushfire danger in their planning reforms (29); while a 150,000-ha bushfire in northwest Queensland has forced highway closures, but no evacuations (yet) (30). Fire officials in New South Wales continued to encourage property owners to prepare for a busy bushfire season (31); Wildfire NOTD subscriber David Cant, Business Development Manager for South Australia-based BlazeTamer380 (, sending along an impressive video of how their product enhances direct attack on wildfires (32). In Western Australia, Augusta-Margaret River is battling a resurgent invasive week, arum lilies, which are thriving in areas devastated by bushfires (33). And finally, firefighters in the UK were called in to rescue a three-year-old's bunny who was trapped on top of a four floor apartment complex!

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