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Thursday, January 08, 2009


First up in the news today, an article from the UCLA Daily Bruin about the impact of wildfires, with some quotes from San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum member Rick Halsey, followed by a video from Fox News about yesterday's fire forum in Sylmar. Next up, two articles about pre-treatment of wildfire-prone areas - one from Nevada and another from Massachusetts. An Op-Ed piece from Montana details how some groundbreaking legislation there could serve as a blueprint for fire prevention in other areas. A trio of articles highlight the wildfires in Colorado, including one which recounts how former FEMA chief Michael Brown (of the infamous Hurricane Katrina rescue operation) was forced to vacate his home. Forest owners and environmentalists are upset over proposed cuts to Maine's firefighting force, and researchers in Canada are concerned that trees there are becoming part of the problem, not the solution to climate change. An ironic headline out of Australia appears next, referring to how rain could impact controlled burns firefighters are trying to implement on a stubborn bushfire. Finally, a reminder to people living in the Outback that high-tech gizmos employed by firefighters don't substitute for vigilance by residents there.

Environmental researchers reveal factors fueling wildfire risk

Forum Held for Victims of Sayre Wildfire

Forest Service plans aggressive fire prevention work on Carson Range

DCR to clear 110 acres of pines in State Forest

Proposed Legislation Would Give Landowners Incentives for Wildfire Mitigation

Firefighters gain ground on wildfire near Denver

Wind-whipped fire jumps road, destroys homes

Ex-FEMA head Brown evacuated in Boulder wildfire

Forest service cuts under fire

Once reducers of CO2, Canada's trees now contribute to global warming

Rain could threaten firefighting effort: RFS

Firefighters: hi-tech gear no substitute for planning

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