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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, Orange County (California) Fire Authority is showing off their latest aerial firefighter at the upcoming Heli-Expo next week, but in the meantime, two stories out of Florida show that their wildfire season is in full swing. A trio of wildfires cropped up in Oklahoma, and a wildfire broke out in Colorado. Apparently an All Terrain Vehicle spawned a sizeable forest fire in Georgia. A cooperative training facility is being created for use by international firefighting forces as Europe closes ranks with their neighbors against natural disasters. Conflicting reports came out of Gir, India, about the threat of a wildfire to a lion preserve there yesterday. Australian firefighters were mourning the death of a volunteer firefighter killed by a falling tree, while the next article conveys more info about the bushfire impact on wildlife in the region. Government officials are wrestling with the problem of bushfire refugees, while quarrels within the government have broken out in regards to bushfire relief for businesses, but as part of the bushfire relief effort, taxes for lost homes, automobiles, and other items have been reduced or eliminated. Firefighters in Victoria state had their hands full with a 20,000+ acre blaze in difficult terrain, and six people were still in intensive care as a further ten wildfire casualties continued to recuperate from their injuries. And finally, one for the 'what were they thinking?' files: a foolish roadblock guard flung cigarette butts into tall grass to 'see what would happen' - and got arrested for his trouble!

New OCFA helicopter to make debut at Anaheim's Heli-Expo

Charlotte County wildfires under control

Wildfire contained; East SR 40 remained closed

Wildfires reported in Woodward Co.

Crews fight 52-acre wildfire near Masonville

Forest fire consumes 216 acres; ATV sparks blaze that may be largest in county history

Turkey to cooperate with France against forest fires

Fire alarm in lion forest

Tragic loss strikes at heart of firefighting crews

Wildlife the silent victims of deadly fires

Govt considers housing options for bushfire-affected families

Vic Oppn says Govt's bushfire grants not enough

Tax relief for bushfire survivors

Firefighters battle national park promontory blaze

16 still in hospital after Vic bushfires

Australian bush fires: second man charged with arson

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