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Saturday, October 25, 2008


There were a number of fire-related articles from San Diego today, leading off with one on SDFD Air Ops submitted by Deputy Chief Brian Fennessy. Next up, two articles commemorating the one-year anniversary of the 2007 fire siege, followed by one detailing a home designed with wildfires in mind. A bevy of beetles is besieging forests across the west, including San Diego, as the next article shows. And the UT snared a prestigious award primarily because of its attention to wildfire news. A few small wildfires made it into news in Santa Paula, Beaumont, and Estes Park, Colorado, as recounted in the next three articles. A couple of larger ones, the Chalk Fire in the Los Padres National Forest, and one outside of Moab, Utah, are being contained. Oregon foresters are concerned about the fall-off in housing starts stifling the logging industry and, consequently, slowing the thinning of Oregon's forests, which they deem critical to reducing the wildfire danger. The last two articles reflect on the past year's fire season in Washington state and Virginia, which had a record year (not the kind of record they would point to proudly, however).

San Diego Fire-Rescue shows off Copter 2

Event marks anniversary of wildfires

Survivors & Rescuers Give Thanks One Year Later

RAINBOW: Couple hope fire-safe features will preserve home in future wildfire

Drought, beetles killing forests

Union-Tribune wins CNPA general excellence award

Wildfire burns about 3 acres near Santa Paula

Fire scorches 38 acres near Beaumont

Wildfire Burning Between Lyons, Estes Park

Chalk Fire 89 percent contained

Moab wildfire is completely contained

Markets fall, trees don't, raising risk of wildfires

Wildfires eat up record 25,153 acres in Virginia

Cold Springs fire bad; next could be worse

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