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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


California's San Diego Fire Rescue Foundation received a generous philanthropic grant which allowed them to buy nearly 3 dozen high-tech radios to aid their fire department's wildfire-fighting efforts (1); but following a wildfire that scorched 37 mi.² in eastern Colorado, current fire conditions prompted US Forest Service to forward-deploy two air-tankers to the region (2). Two US Forest Service employees from Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest received awards for their work in wildfire mitigation (3); however, Wisconsin's early fire season has already claimed two lives (4). High temperatures have been partly to blame for 16 wildfires that have been reported across Michigan's Lower Peninsula (5); and the remains of a bonfire started a 40-acre wildfire in Custer Township (6). In Illinois, a wildfire burned nearly 100 acres in Sand Ridge State Forest (7); while the Tennessee Division of Forestry had to evacuate some people in Lauderdale County in the path of a wildfire (8). A wildfire in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, burned upwards of 100 acres in rough terrain before it was contained (9); and another outside of Waterloo scorched 350 acres (10); but Redstone Arsenal decided to light one of their own! (11) Firefighters battled an eight-acre wildfire in Middleborough, Massachusetts, yesterday (12); and as temperatures rise, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is warning residents of that state of the high wildfire danger (13). A 10-acre wildfire in Kanawha County, West Virginia, injured an elderly man who was trying to fight the fire (14); while in a follow-on to an article about North Carolina's late, great CL-215, an Op-Ed piece discusses the current mindset on firefighting in that state (15). Florida Division of Forestry has identified Manatee and Sarasota counties as being in the worst danger from wildfires of any place in the state (16); and reported a 266-acre wildfire burning in Ocala National Forest (17); but the benefits of fire to native vegetation in the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is examined by the next article (18). Some Canadians in Stuartburn, Manitoba, are upset with the local and provincial government about their fire mitigation efforts last year that led to the destruction of numerous homes (19). A 1,500-hectare wildfire in Siberia's Primorye Region has impacted the habitat of an endangered leopard population (20); but although no wildfires have been reported as of yet, Nepal's Makawanpur district is on high fire alert (21). Australians living in the Melbourne, Victoria, suburbs of South Warrandyte and Wonga Park will get a chance to discuss the bushfire risk in their neighborhood (22); and although bushfire season has officially ended, officials in Casey and Cardinia Shire are still cautioning residents about outdoor burning (23). And finally, Minnesota firefighters didn't allow inappropriate dress to interfere with their firefighting efforts!

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