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Saturday, March 28, 2009


In Wildfire News Of The Day today, sage advice about how people with pets can prepare for wildfires in California (and, presumably, elsewhere) is provided in our first article; but businesses in California's Big Sur area are lamenting the loss of tourism due to the scars left behind by last year's wildfires. With an excessive amount of fuel on the ground from winter storms, three people have already died this year in Kentucky debris fires that got out of control; this at a time when fire officials in that state are concerned about funding for wildfire fighting. Texas firefighters had a couple of wildfires to deal with; followed by two stories out of Florida: fire agencies in the southern part of that state are concerned about drought conditions there, despite substantial rains earlier this year; concluding with a summary of wildfires in the region. As the poor economy impacts the logging industry, loggers look away from old-growth forests towards salvage logging of burn areas, as described in a New York Times article. Heading to Australia next, Victoria's Country Fire Authority has decided to create a pin for firefighters who fought the Black Saturday bushfires; and an out-of-control control fire elsewhere in that state is keeping firefighters hopping. And finally, is this art?

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