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Friday, March 04, 2011


U.S. Forest Service personnel will use aerial ignition to light 4,700 acres on fire in Arizona's Tonto National Forest on Saturday (1). A grass fire reportedly threatened some homes in northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, yesterday (2); but as residents of that state wait anxiously for much-needed rain, wildfire smoke is causing some respiratory concerns for health officials (3). Working together, a team of experts operating out of Abilene, Texas, were able to accurately predict wildfires cropping up in that state (4); even as firefighters from several US and Mexican agencies are battling a 3,000-acre wildfire along their common border in Texas (5); this at a time when fire officials in that state are estimating that the wildfire danger will remain high until April (6). A silviculturist with Montana's Gallatin National Forest fears that a milder winter may worsen the pine beetle onslaught in that state's forests (7). A wildfire was sparked in Limestone County, Alabama, ironically by people trying to clear a firebreak (8); while South Carolina Forestry Commission reported a wildfire that was sparked by a debris burn on Johns Island (9). Fire officials are estimating that Florida's Iron Horse Fire may require at least another week before it's contained (10); but although a wildfire in Ocala National Forest is 85% contained after burning about 700 acres, there are still other blazes to attend to (11); including one reported in the Everglades (12). The next article provides some video from the front lines of the Florida wildfires (13); followed by an article that explores the dangers posed by wildfire smoke to residents of that state (14). Florida Division of Forestry representatives will be answering questions about debris burns at a pancake breakfast tomorrow (15). As wildfires continue to burn out of control in Southwest China's Yunnan Province, the Vice Premier is urging the use of professional firefighters in battling the blaze (16); and in the Philippines, Fire Prevention Consciousness Month has kicked off with information from the government on how to reduce wildfire danger in rural areas (17). Papua New Guinea will be making a donation to Western Australian bushfire survivors (18); while a highway bridge that was destroyed by bushfires in Western Australia has been reopened one month later (19). Country Fire Authority provided useful tips to homeowners in Gippsland, Victoria, during tours of residential areas (20). And finally, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has named a new representative voice for Sparky The Fire Dog on that icon's 60th anniversary!

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(21) NFPA Names Firefighter Barry Brickey Winner of "Voice of Sparky" Contest

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